Sesame Street, Similes, and Standards

(like the alliteration?!)
So, I'm sorry I've been MIA for a few days, I've been a LITTLE busy. AND today, I just got pulled in to TWO meetings, one on a Common Core website for Florida - which was actually pretty cool!! It was like FCRR (which is a WAY cool website -and FREE! Check it out!) but for Common Core. One teacher was selected from a grade level (yay, me!) and we're doing some field testing of the activities on the site. Which is actually kind of cool.

THEN, after that meeting, I walked across the room, to another meeting. THIS one was because I'm going to be administering the FCAT - which starts MONDAY to some accommodation know what!? I said as long as it's not MY class taking the FCAT, I'll do whatever you want me to - ha!

So, this week, we've been learning soft and hard C and G.... today we were getting ready to do our poem from the Scholastic Book...and then it HIT ME!!! I remembered this WAY COOL You Tube Video!

First off, I"m a HUGE Glee fan. I know. I'm 30 years old and a Glee fan. It's ok. You can laugh at me. I don't mind. lol
Have you seen THIS video??? It is UHHHHHHH- MAAAAZING!!! 
It shows the soft and hard sounds of G


We've also been working on our simile writing. We're going to be doing our Rainbow similes tomorrow, but today they wrote in their learning logs what a simile was, wrote one, and drew it!

This Transformers one is my fave!

Ok... soooo.... even though I CREATE my own activities, I BUY activities on Tpt, AND I've been teaching for 10 years and have accumulated and OBSCENE amount of stuff throughout the years, I STILL find the NEED to do my part to help the economy and partake in...

Dollar Deals

Yep. Scholastic Teacher Express is having their Dollar Deals Sale. Oh Boy. lol

AANNNDDD, last but not least.

I FINALLY got my Grade 1 "I Can" statements for Common Core finished! I've already got my Grade 1 Common Core Gradebook uploaded.

and if you want it ya go!

2nd Grade is finished, and now 1st Grade is - on to Kindergarten and 3rd!

ONE last thing - DON'T forget that Kristen and I are doing a

Make sure you've entered!!

Ok, going to get some rest time - Happy Hump Day!


Christina Marie said...

I LOVE FCRR! Is this new Common Core website for Florida available to others in Florida? I am a fellow Floridian and would love to check out the site if possible. Thanks!

Christina :)
Apples, Books, and Crayons

Amanda said...

I am a huge Glee fan as well, don't you worry!! :) That Sesame Street video is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.

First Grade Garden

Jen R said...

Christina - they are doing field tests of all their activities right now throughout the state and throughout the grade level. You have to have an "Account" or whatnot to log in during the field test. You can ask your reading coach or administrator about it - maybe they have an email you can use for it??

iamdiamondmom said...

That is a great video. I don't watch Sesame Street clips anymore as my kids are grown and my grandchildren don't live nearby. I think I might need to check them out once in awhile.
I enjoy watching Glee, and I could identify many of the characters in that clip.
Thanks for sharing.

Charlene/Diamond Mom

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