Tops and Bottoms!

This week, our story was Tops and Bottoms (click the pic to check it out).

My kids LOVE that story...they think it's so great how clever the Hare is!

They wrote to explain how Bear had changed....his characteristics changed, and HOW they knew that. They did a great job with it! Characteristics is so hard for them.

We also read The Vegetables We Eat

Then they did their garden art pictures. They had a lot of fun drawing and painting.
These are just some of the activities that came from my Tops and Bottoms pack

Click the pics to go check it out! It's on sale until Sunday night! Make sure you head on over to my FB page - wink, wink!


Third Grade Is The Place To Be said...

Our enjoys Tops and Bottoms too. thanks for your post.
Joanne M
Visit me at Third Grade Is The Place To Be

Alison Hislop said...

OOoo I love new book recommendations! Thanks so much!

Teaching Maths with Meaning

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