Insta-catch up! and some freebies!

It was #teachertalktuesday on Instagram! 

Did you see all the awesome pictures being posted by everyone!?! Make sure you look it up! SO many great pictures and ideas!!

Here are a few pictures I posted on my instagram....

This is me laminating recording you do this??? I only print up 5 recording sheets for each center, laminate, and we're good to go! I've also used plastic sleeves, but this tends to last more, because smudges always seem to go inside the sleeves....somehow!

This is a little diddy I made today... 
I made this on my planning period today and had someone on Instagram asked if I had this posted somewhere - ask and ye shall receive!

Since we're talking about landforms in our Scholastic News this week....I wanted a "fun" way for them to keep them all organized.

Click the pic to download the freebie

Another picture series I posted today was about our grammar lesson... we went on a word hunt during our silent reading time....they found sentences with suffixes on them and wrote them on sticky notes.

Then we sorted them on our tree map....

(and yes, that is a REAL chalkboard - kickin' it #oldschool!)
Don't ya just love Caitlin's Letters?! I use them for EVERYTHING! Today, they were my tree map header.

And lastly.... I posted the link for my May Calendar Cards on my Facebook page!

Make sure you head on over there to download your free calendar cards! Just click through my photos to get to this picture and the link is in the comments - There is also April and March in there if you want those!


Mrs. Griffith said...

I don't think I've ever just sat for an extended period of time and looked at pictures of what people do in their classroom until now! Holy smokes!

Oh, and that was me asking about the landform foldable! Thanks for sharing : ) So glad I stopped by!

For the Love of First Grade

Kristin said...

Loving the chalkboard. Really. :)
And I love your suffix tree map.

Suzy Q said...

Ugh...we have to start social studies shortly. Landforms, continents and oceans and something. (Have already nixed the country reports since we just finished a major one and third grade does plenty of them. Just need to find what we will do instead.)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the freebie! It will get used next year, definitely. As for laminating sheets . . . haven't done that yet, but your idea is great! I'm going to do that this month.

Shannon Kirby said...

Thanks for the freebies! I'm loving me some Instagram too and your chalkboard.....a blast from the past. ;)


Aimee said...

Besides the landform foldable we made 3D landform flash cards with model magic. I cut up small index cands and used blue, brown, and green marker.

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