My plans for Spring week - part 2!

Hey friends!!

This week's visual plans....well....aren't really visual. lol
I mean, they are - because I'm using a lot of visual aids (I'm a visual kind of person...I need pictures.)

(hence all the pictures I'm always taking).

ALTHOUGH, I've been really slacking lately with my classroom pictures. This week was bad because we only got like halfway through ALL my activities...I probably would've finished them on Friday, but I took the day off, unexpectedly, on Friday, to spend with the birthday boy.

My "old man." ha!!

So, that brings me to this week's plans. I'm really not sure where to start planning because I'm not really sure where my sub ended on Friday. AND I'm having a sub on Monday - because I'm giving the FCAT to a 6th grader. Just one. Because he broke his writing arm. So I have to bubble in his test for him - and write out his math for him....there is ABSOLUTELY no way I can even pretend to cheat. I don't think I could do 6th grade math anyway - isn't that sad!? haha!

SO, I have to have a sub on Monday and I don't know who that is, and YES, it depends on who the sub is as to what I have them do. There are 3 different ladies that I trust my class and regular plans with. BUT, I don't know if I'm getting any of them. 

BUT, I will tell you what I will be doing eventually....maybe....possibly. 

I DO know that next week is a review week for spelling - so they'll be doing my Spelling Tic Tac Toe (FREEBIE)

AND we still have to finish our Rainbow Similes (FREEBIE)

AND we have to finish our Scholastic News on our Insects.

April Fools’ Insects

AND for math, we're going to be finishing up some of my 2-D Geometry...

That's all left over from last week's plans....

This week, I'm starting up with my Spring Time Measurement (I posted it last night! If you follow my FB page, you saw that it's been on sale - you still have some time to get it until Sunday night!)

And we'll be doing a few more activities from my Spring Time centers

Another fun math activity I want to do (probably on Friday) is Hadar's Ladybug Family. Seriously - this is when I really remember "loving" her!

(this pick came from her blog - where you can check out her ladybug pack and snag this FREEBIE!)

WELL...there's this week's versions of my Visual plans.....I have a few more things I want to do, but I will post about those later this week - HOPING I get to them.


I've teamed up with one of my sweet friends, Kristen for a GIVEAWAY!! It ends in less than 5 hours!!

I'll be back tomorrow with our winner from the giveaway and my favorite pics of the week!


Jenny said...

Ugh. The sub after a sub sticks! I've managed to get stuck with that twice this year! Good luck!

We joke about the influx of broken arms at FCAT time. It seems there is at least one every year!

Suntans and Lesson Plans

Jenny said...


Oops! ; )

Miss Squirrels said...

Holy Hannah!! You have quite a bit planned!!
Tell your "old man" Squirrels says Happy Birthday!!
Go Nutty with Me!

Swersty said...

The days I have to administer our state's standardized tests seem sooooooooooo loooonnnnnnngggggg. Not fun!
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