Bees, pancakes, and wedges!

NO, not!

I'm back - yes, the NEXT day! I know. It's hard to believe. But, I wanted to show you what we did last week. Some of the things anyway. I'm kind of a slacker on taking pictures lately. It's hard to get out of my small groups to walk around....but that's a good reason to be a slacker, right!? ha!

First up  - our Scholastic News...I LOVE doing these things!

We worked on Main Idea and Details with our article on bees.  I quickly made beehive tracers, they traced, wrote out the main idea and details, then traced with marker and colored! Some even added their own illustration details - they turned out so cute!

Then, we also did my Laura Numeroff Pack
(I'm really bummed at the lack of pictures of the activities we did...) 
(Learning Journals)

These are our Sentence Imitations. Whatever I put in my sentence, they had to put in theirs - and they had create their on the top one, their sentences had to have a sight word (for the week), a -ge or -dge word (spelling rule for the week), and a contraction. We use the characters and "happenings" from our stories from the week - reading and writing are reciprocal!
 We also tied in - measurement, steps in a process (forgot to take a picture of their how-to-steps!!! blarg!), AND a graphing activity - TONS of stuff going on here.

They only got 1 choice - plain, butter, syrup, fruit, or jam....

yum, yum, yum


I gave them little pancakes to draw their favorite toppings on and they graphed them.

Do you like my chart???? I LOVE it! Since we graph all the time, I wanted something that was interchangeable so I didn't have to keep making one. Click the pic below to go check it out!

All those activities came from my Laura Numeroff pack....(and more that you didn't see....because I'm a slacker - ha!) Click the pics below to go check out my pack.

One thing we didn't get to this year that I did last year was our cupcake fractions

Click HERE to go to that post to grab the freebie template for this activity.

AND another thing we did, was my -dge and -ge word pack

 OK, there ya have it. A little bit of this, and little bit of that. Hope to be back soon with some more pictures!!

17 more days!!!!


Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Yum! I want pancakes! How fun for the kiddos :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Unknown said...

Wow! Pancakes! You must be the favorite teacher! I need to do that someday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Swimming into Second

Miss Kindergarten said...

Now I want cheese and pancakes!

~DeAnne~ said...

Love the pancakes. It looks like you are all having a great time. :)

smoran892 said...

SO much fun stuff going on in your classroom!! I wanna be there!!

Love the pancakes - nomnomnom!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

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