Measurement Fun!

We've been doing a lot of measurement activities these last few days.  We've been doing some activities out of my Spring Time Measurement pack.

  One of my kids' favorite activities is to use these...

Yes. Measuring worms. And they are perfect for our activities this week since we've been talking about insects and now gardens and such. 

(this kid is such a ham! ha!)

And another activity they did is my "Create a Scene" from my Spring Measurement pack. These are just some of them that got finished with them today. They had to have certain measurements in their pictures. They did a sloppy copy first, which I checked their measurement, then they redid it on the neat copy. 

and then we moved on to perimeter today. 

We used more of our Learning Journals....

I pulled out some centers that I had in my files and then they copied the shapes, labeled, and figured out the perimeters. They were having a lot of fun with these odd shapes!

I'll be back tomorrow with the reading activities we did this week!

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