Grab and Go Saves the Day - and a Freebie!

So, Friday and today, I had a sub. BUT, not the same sub, so I couldnt' do my plans for today until after I saw what my sub on Friday was able to finish....or WHO my sub was going to be for today.

Well, when I got to school, I was in kind of freak-out mode, so I QUICKLY made some plans. I turned to my good friend, Kristen, for help. She has this AMAZING go-to pack, that you can literally print up and do with ANYTHING.... It's her Grab and Go worksheets! (check out her post on them HERE)

Here's what we did with them today....
 First, they read Adios Oscar

And did some Beginning, Middle, and end....

For writing, they used the noun/adjective sheet - they used the word "butterfly" to tie into the story for the day...

And for Science, they read Creepy Beetles! (more bugs)

and did a non-fiction page  from her pack.

I'm TELLIN' YA! It was a LIFE-SAVER! Yes, perfect for a sub-day, but LOVIN' them for every day too!

(THANKS, Kristen!!)

AND, for math, they did something I did last year with my kids....Duckling Fractions. I figured that'd be something fun and easy for them to do for math.

Click HERE to get this FREEBIE!

Now, I'm off to plan for the rest of my week! Hope y'all had a Marvelous Monday!!


A Teacher Without a Class said...

This is a marvelous unit on bugs! How fun. I'm hosting my first linky, and I would love to have you come and join. It is all about the dollar. Anything you love, sell, buy, or find that is only a dollar. Come on by!

Lori Rosenberg said...

Kristen saved the day! It's going to be a long week for Florida teachers and students! Yuck!
Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love that pack! And I was going through my fraction stuff from last year and saw your fraction ducklings. We were meant to be friends!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Unknown said...

I love Kristen's stuff, too! So glad they helped save your day! :)
Teaching With Style

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