Thanksgiving Literacy!

Whew! It's FINALLY finished!!! This is my latest "baby"...I LOVE how it came out!

I'm actually kind of glad it took me so long, because I was able to come across Ashley's newest clip art bundle she made for Thanksgiving - woo!!

And I LOVE the variety in all her packs for each "category" 


Of course, still love my other clip art sources too (hey wait - isn't that a linky?  Hmmm...have to get on that one - I have to show case my addiction! lol!)

BUT I'm so glad I found Ashley!

This 82 page unit is PACKED with activities:

Sentence Scramble - 3 different styles of recording sheet
A Feast of Grammar - Nouns, verbs, and adjectives; you can use just the nouns and verbs or all three!
Add A Vowel - Vce words—silly and real words sort
Sort ‘em - Categories
Synonyms - Matching Synonyms
Making Words  - “Thanksgiving”
Compare and Contrast - pilgrim and Indian or pilgrim children and children today
Label it - Label a Pilgrim or Indian
A Feast of Words - Using a word bank to answer W Questions with multiple options for writing papers!

TpT or TN

This is a great companion to my Turkey Time Math Centers! pack.

TpT or TN


Let's see if Blogger will like me well enough to upload my pictures from my week....I tried to yesterday, but it was SO slow...AND it was slowing down the wireless, and Hubs was yelling at me because he wasn't able to do anything on his


Since we're out of school today because of the Tropical Storm (aka - lots of rain), we didn't actually get to finish too

I might wait until next week so we can finish more...

BUT, that gives me more time to do my visual plans! yay!


Puddiesmom said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. It looks jam packed with fun. Looks great. -Tracy

Unknown said...

Everything looks amazing! Great job Jen! :) Love that clip art too!

Anonymous said...
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Meagan said...

This looks great! I was just trying to figure out my November Lit Centers. Perfect Timing! :)


Christina Marie said...

Hope you enjoy your day off! we are closed today as well due to the Hurricane! I decided to make an impromptu trip to Orlando to see my cousins. :)


Anonymous said...

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