No Tricks - All Treats!

Sorry for the 2nd post today...BUT, I thought maybe you'd forgive me since I'm here to tell you about a big ole sale!!

(Thanks Alisha for the CUTE button!)

Some of my best bloggy friends and I decided since we have so many things to celebrate in October - birthdays, anniversaries, and more! - that we'd celebrate together with a sale!

OH yes - did I forget to mention that??

This month was my 4th year anniversary!!

So there you have it - a weddingmoon in Jamaica (we "eloped" - but everyone knew)

For Saturday and Sunday, you can get 20% off!

Which is great news if you're looking to stock up on some November themed my Thanksgiving packs I just posted about...

Or even if you've had some things in your wishlist for a while, that you can finally get...

Click the links on the side of my blog - it'll take you to my stores!


Unknown said...

You look so beautiful! Congrats on all your joys!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Unknown said...

I am super new at all of this and would love to have a sale to be a part of the "in"crowd! I don't have a super cute button, or even know how to put it on my blog, but I can and will put all my stuff on sale!! Thanks!

meadowt said...

Hi Jen, When I go to your TPT store your Turkey Time Math Centers are not showing up on sale. Is this activity not part of the sale or is there a mistake? By the way you look beautiful, Happy Anniversary!

Jen R said...

Hey Barbara - it should be fixed now! All the items are on sale now - thanks for letting me know!

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