Election Week - Hodgepodge Visual Plans

Hey Y'all!!

Here are THIS week's lesson plans...

(remember to download the lesson plans, and then click the pictures in the PDF and it'll take you to the product - freebie or TpT - link!)

(I realize while doing these plans that I LOVE my bloggy friends!! I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from the blogging community, which is why I'm sharing the wonderful-ness!)

It's kind of a hodge-podge week...with themes and such.  I'm doing a lot of Election activities, and finishing up Halloween, with some Super-Hero things thrown in...I don't know how that happened, but I like it! ha!

Here is this week's center menu....

(all of these links are in the lesson plans when you download them, 
click the pictures and it'll take you to the link!) 
(freebie adjectives/inferencing activity!)

(this sight word activity is a freebie, although I realize you may not need the same words I'm doing this week - but maybe you can use it)

(freebie writing)

The writing activity is inspired by my friend Lori's writing activities - I have a few of her packs (because she's like the writing guru for K-2 in my humble opinion), so I asked her if I could use it for my Veteran themed writing, and she said SURE!
So make sure you go visit her and check out her PHENOM stuff!

(freebie adding tens)


Let me do a recap of last week...

If you saw my LAST WEEK'S plans, things changed a little...

First off, we FINALLY finished bats!

Just LOOK at that circle map!!

To end it, they had to tell me at least 3 facts - USING correct punctuation and organization. UGH! My kids KNOW how to write a sentence, but when it comes to a paragraph??? They forget how and where to end a sentence!

They did AWESOME on their Monster comparison - and it was independent work at their centers! YES!

(Go to last week's post to get the freebie!)

Something I added to the mix was Kelley's Pumpkin adjectives...
I had every intention of making one myself, BUT, as I sat down to make it, I saw that she JUST posted hers...so I thought since she already did it, why not just use hers?? And it's FAB!

Here they are working in groups do describe their pumpkins (we had already done 2 together)

THEN, for the 4th pumpkin that they described, we read...

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin

FILLED with adjectives...

Then, they made their pumpkins (activity from Kelley's pack)

Not all of them are finished, I'll show more next week...

And we STARTED our Habitat activities

Here they are SILENTLY finding their habitat matches...

This week, they'll be designing their own habitat sale ad - FINALLY!

And I have to show you...

Last week, we went to the pumpkin patch with some of my Mommy friends...


Holy children, Batman!!!

lol - last year, almost everyone only had one kid...now everyone but one person has TWO kids...yikes!

and take a look at THIS cute pic!!


Don't forget - today's the last day for the sale!!!

Look below to see all my friends who joined in on the fun!


Lori Rosenberg said...

I LOVE your visual plans! And, it looks like your students did a great job with their Halloween writing. I'm looking forward to doing the superhero adjective activity, too. Awesome blog post!
Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Unknown said...

OH my goodness!! Your plans look amazing! I don't even have my regular plans complete yet! ha!! It looks like ya'll had a TON of fun this past week!
Rowdy in Room 300

Halle said...

Your visual plans are awesome!! I wish we had the freedom to use as many TpT products as you do...our time is really constricted due to the curriculum the school has us follow, but we make the time!

Your daughters are adorable, as usual!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Just found you :) and what an amazing post! Love the circle map and what did we notice above your board...a lil WBT? We just really started using it this year and can't believe the results! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous ideas!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Unknown said...

I love your Habitats FornSale lesson, even though I don't teach science. I noticed in one of those photos that there is something about genres on the board behind the students. What lesson did you do with that?

Unknown said...

This is a FABULOUS blog post! I loved reading it and seeing your students working so hard! Great job!!

A Day in First Grade

Gladys said...

I love, love, LOVE your visual plans! Thanks for the shout out..I hope your kids have a blast this week too! :)

Primary Paradise said...

Wow what a post. Lots of fun ideas. I just posted a free set of Subtraction Strategies Posters on TPT. Hope it's something you could use.
Primary Paradise

Kelley Cirrito said...

We did election stuff last week! The kids loved it! Looks like you are going to have a busy week! Have fun!

Miss DeCarbo said...

I am always in awe of your visual lesson plans and how busy your week always is! :) Love it! :)

Sugar and Spice

smoran892 said...

Kelley's adjective pumpkins are my FAVE! I am making them either this week or next and I can't waiiiit!

Love the visual plans and thanks for the shout-out :)

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

The Colorful Apple said...

Love your visual plans!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Erin Brown said...

Thank you very much for the Veteran's Day freebie! I always like to be sure my students recognize our veterans each year.
Thanks again,

Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

My kids love doing the add ten activity! We are doing it right now:)


Jen R said...

I'm glad to hear that Courtney!!

Jen R said...

Hi Janet!
We write the title of the books on the board under the genre heading.

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