Plants, winners, and who's jealous?

Taking a break from spiders and bats to show you some of the plants we've been doing...

As most of you remember, I don't do the stories in our reading series...partially, because I don't really like them....but mostly because it gives me the freedom to be thematic, which I really like doing.

BUT, last week, our story was The Tiny Seed, and not only do I LOVE Eric Carle, BUT, our district has told us that we need to teach life cycle NOW (instead of during the spring time, but whatever) I actually did that story last week. But I didn't really follow the skills it told us was supposed to be drawing conclusion - which A) that doesn't match up with our common core standards B) it's more of a sequencing story (IMO)...and sequencing is THIS week's I just swapped the two weeks for, right?!


moving on.... kids know the parts of a plant pretty well, actually, so I don't feel the need to dwell on that part too 1st grade they do this cute little activity...

The stem is a straw! Get it?? because the stem "sucks up" the water from the roots??? 

Pretty clever, I thought....

So, I focus more on the life cycle of the plant throughout the seasons...

My kids did a foldable based on what the tint seed did throughout the seasons...

I made a printable for you - but it's for 8.5 x 14 paper

I just feel the space is too small for the kids to do a regular sized piece of paper....

Hope you can use it!

One more thing!

Winner of the giveaway...


You will be getting your email soon- and thank you, everyone, for playing along!! You can still snag these units in our stores

And last, but not least...

I have to show you...

I think this is my new favorite family picture!

The fire dept was doing a fundraiser for children's a bag of groceries, and you pick which firefighter climbs to the top of the ladder.

I love this fundraiser.

I have a few kids that each Friday get their backpacks filled with food for their family for the weekend - it's through a program we have a grant for. It really does bring tears...

Me and A...


I may be SUPER jealous that ya'll get to experience 
Fall colors, 
apple pickin', 
REAL pumpkin patches....


I am SOOOO grateful that I still get to do THIS

My cute little B!!! Gosh I just love how she always makes me smile!

YES! It was a beautiful beach day this weekend!! and a much needed one!! I actually went paddleboarding in the ocean out there (with the waves) and A was sitting on the front of the board like a hood ornament - it was so fun!! MAN, sometimes I just love living here!


Ash said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for the freebie! I loved the straw for the plant stem! Genius!

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Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

I'm jealous!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Unknown said...

Jen, so many warm touches here, you warmed my heart by reading this tonight! So sweet, so sweet!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Jen R said...

aw - thank you for saying that, Amy!! :)

Emily said...

I'm always jealous that you don't have to stick to the core reader. It's "use with fidelity or else" here. =(

I'll be drawing my conclusions as we sequence.

Thanks for the freebie. Now get back to those bats!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Emily said...

I'm always jealous that you don't have to stick to the core reader. It's "use with fidelity or else" here. =(

I'll be drawing my conclusions as we sequence.

Thanks for the freebie. Now get back to those bats!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen...I'm a newbie blogger and I was looking for blogs when I found yours...adorable with great ideas. Then I saw your family picture and it made me smile. I'm a firefighter's wife as well. I love their comradery. I think through these blogs we are almost developing the same. Tell your husband to stay safe out there and enjoy your little cutey :)

Stephanie Ann
Sparkling in Third Grade

Jen R said...

aw - yay! It's always nice to meet other firefighter wives!

Martin said...

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Unknown said...

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