Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

This was the last time I saw my mom - when B was born...

The night before I went into the hospital, we were being silly monkeys with A....

And here we are having a grand 'ol time after B was born....

I miss my momma - I can't wait for them to move back from Colorado!!

If you get to see your momma today, please know how lucky you are!!!

I invite you to look into our cartoon lives...ha!! I had found some cute clip art on Nikki's blog and thought they would work.

Let's pretend this is me and A baking in the kitchen (she's actually in there right now helping to make waffles with daddy.)

Here - maybe this will be B?? lol....It could be A right now too :)

Here's me giving my momma some flowers....or A picking me some

And my beautiful momma 
(graphics courtesy of Melonheadz)

In honor of Mother's Day, I'm throwing a sale at both my stores today only! Everything is 20% off.


Miss Squirrels said...

You look so cheery for someone who just had a baby!!!
Hopefully she'll be back soon~ was going to head over to my mom's today (lives about 10 miles away) and she went out of town!!!!
Love your cartoon family! Where's the HUbs in this comic life?

Going Nutty!


Corinna said...

So cute I love all the cute pics!! Happy Mother's Day. My mom in on the Mainland:( But she will be coming for a visit soon:))

Surfin' Through Second

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

What cute pictures!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

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