Cupcake Fractions

So this week, we've been hitting hard core our author of the month, Laura Numeroff. (It's also Mo Willems, and I'll show y'all that stuff another time!)

We've been reading all her "circle books" this week as a basis for our reading, writing, and math lessons.
Yesterday we read:
(which actually goes really well with our phonics skill this week - hard and soft G and C)

And did cupcake fractions!!

(This is NOT in my Laura Numeroff pack)

They traced out the frosting and bottom, and then I used a hole puncher and punched out a LOT of holes...I had A TON left over because I'm SO horrible at estimating! haha!! Really... truly...just awful at estimating! lol

Anyway, if you'd like tracers and the paper to glue to the bottom, click HERE

I didn't have the tracers with me (I left them at school), so I quickly drew something up for y'all.

It's not perfect, but it'll get ya the tracers you need! ha! I left the writing page blank so you younger grades can just have the kiddos count the sprinkles - obviously you can have them put as many as you want them to!

If you download - please leave some lovin'! :)

Hope y'all had a Wonderful Wednesday!!


KirstenKB said...

I can't wait to use this next year - thanks!

Lori Rosenberg said...

I downloaded, so I'm leavin' you some lovin'! Thanks for the calorie free cupcakes!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

J Carrico said...

Fantastic ideas! Thank you:)

Eileen Griffin said...

We are studying fractions this week!! How lucky am I ? Thank you for the "sweet" activity..

Cupcake said...

Yum, cupcakes!! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Teaching and Crafting said...

This will be great for a center next year. Will have students use either 20 or 25 "sprinkles" for their cupcake and convert the fractions to decimals and percents. Thanks for sharing!

Patty Rutenbar said...

I noticed that you are doing fractions right now and so am I. . . earlier I made these fraction cards that have been very helpful for my 2nd graders. Check them out to see if they would fit what your needs are.

Second In Line

Kelley Cirrito said...

Jen I have been meaning to ask you this... Do you use a reading program or do you just come up with your own stuff?? I am revamping my reading block next year so I am getting ideas from my bloggy friends!!

Ashlee said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower!


Traci Clausen said...

WHO can say no to cupcakes?
cute :D
Dragonflies in First

meadowt said...

great idea, thanks for sharing.

Neesa said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am starting fractions as my next unit. This would be a great reason to make some mini cupcakes, too.

Miss Kindergarten said...

We just started fractions today, so this is perfect!!! Thanks Jen!


Delaney White said...

Thanks for sharing...Love this!

Dawn Hilburn said...

Thanks for sharing the idea! Love it!

First Grade Shenanigans

Lisa Fiema said...

What a clever idea! Some of my 2nd graders need to be retaught fractions, and I'm going to use your genius activity! Thanks for sharing :)


Stories from Room 114

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Thanks so much for this freebie! Our fractions unit is quickly approaching!
Stories From Second

Brooke Perry said...

LOVE this. . .super cute!

Lorena said...

Thank you for this wonderful activity.


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