GiGantic CirCus and a sale!

I'm in the middle of making/finishing/using/changing a few items...Some are freebies too!! They are soooo cute!! My kids are having so much fun this week - And I've been sooo busy!! Do you miss me? Or did you not even notice I was gone?! hehe...

I have been tagged a lot too!! I promise I'm not ignoring you, but I have NO extra time right now to do them...

Just finished!!

BUT, I just finished this big guy! It's 44 pages of spelling practice for hard and soft sounds with g and c.

The Gigantic Circus is PACKED with activities to do with your students!
Included is:
~4 posters to explain the phonics rule for each
~104 word cards!
With these words cards you can do a 
~word sort
~Read the room
~Word pyramid activity.
~There is also a cut and paste word sort to coincide with the center. 
Other activities include:
~ABC Order center and recording sheet
~Real/Nonsense Word Sort with recording sheet. ~There is also the option to make a Pocket Book Sort to coincide with the center.
~ word search


Tomorrow is hub's birthday...He has to work ALL. Daaaaayyyy.

Boo! On his birthday!

I foresee a tip to the fire station tomorrow. :)

In honor of his birthday, I'll give this away to someone!
As usual, just leave me a comment - using a hard and soft c and g! (don't be a rule breaker, now!)
What? You know how I like to do giveaways! ha!
I'll do the random thingy tomorrow before I go to bed, that way if you didn't win, you can still get it on sale.

AND, in honor of hub's birthday,  I'm having another ONE DAY sale!!

Any way to celebrate! ha!!

Ok, I must go get lunches ready for tomorrow and then get to my school stuff....well, it's stuff for y'all too!! Can't wait to show you the pics I've been taking too!


♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

This unit looks awesome! GIANT birthday wishes to your hubby! Yay for birthday CELEBRATIONS! I CANT believe we are halfway through the week. wOOHOO :)

Linda said...

CALLING all bloggers Let's GRAB our party hats and DANCE because it's his birthday! Even though he has to work at least he's earning his WAGES!

Fitbecky said...

I CERTAINLY decided you must have joined the rest of us busy bodies and only posting here and there! It's a good thing I heard from you, people might start to GOSSIP!
2nd Grade Rocks!

ksteacher81 said...

It is so GOOD and GENEROUS of you to share your CUTE ideas. How do you come up with your CONCEPTS?

Delighted said...

You always make it such a CirCus to win your Giveaways! I don't have the enerGy to play!

First Grade Delight

The Lesson Guide said...

What a great unit - my 7 year old twins could use practice with this fun unit! Lisa

Fitbecky said...

I just realized I made a GIGANTIC mistake! Gossip doesn't fit the rule! Enjoy CELEBRATING your hubby's birthday!
2nd Grade Rocks!

~Stephanie said...

A big happy birthday to your hubby!!

Teaching in Room 6

Suzy Q said...

I'd like to braG about going to the Gym, but let's faCe it, I am more likely to Crash on the couch.

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel said...

Just love your Giveaways! You are too Generous! I am going to Circle around you and Give you a Celebratory huGe hug!


Holly said...

You are so darn awesome! When's your last day of school?!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Cynthia said...

Cynthia says it is cool that you are having a generous giveaway and sale in honor of your hubby's birthday! :-)


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