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Sorry for the 2 posts in one day, BUT I had to tell you all about my new units - or two - hehe

This is probably one of my FAV-OR-ITE units I've made...LOVE it!

(TN was having difficulties - but I'll get it up tonight after girls are in bed!)

This 70 page unit it FILLED with fun activities to incoporpate into your Goldilocks stories. (And yes, they can be bought as separate units: Literacy pack or Math & Science pack)

Math and Science
-Just Right Spin—Graphing with extensions using addition and/or multiplication
-Word Problems with the Three Bears that can be done as a center or Group-Scoot (directions included)
-Shopping with Goldilocks - using money so that students know there are different ways to get to the same amount.
-Teddy Graham Science with at-home extensions

-Writing with a Word Bank and Sentence Header Cards
-Apology Letter with brainstorming map
-Just Right Sentences (Sentence Scrambler)
-Antonyms for Write the Room or a Center
-Story Structure and Sequence
-Comparing Books (James Marshall and Jan Brett)
-Who is Goldilocks? Thinking Map, Writing, and Craftivity templates



(ah - who misses that guy?? So sad he passed away - my hubs actually watched their reality show about making infomercials - hehe)

There's another set of things Goldilocks themed - I didn't put them together as one, because I don't think TpT will take that big of a file - even if it is zipped - ha!

I also made a fluency poster that's thematic with Goldilocks - you know, like...

How do you read??

Too Fast? Too Slow? or JUST RIGHT?
(and because I LOVE this little poster - it's yours! Just because I love that you follow me! Click the pic! Just leave me some love if you grab it!) of COURSE I redid my Fry Phrases Cards to go along with those - they are in one big zip file for you - ALL SIX - 100 phrase sets (in separate files with different pictures on them to keep them organized - AND directions to play a game!)

AND you get another poster I made with the LEVEL of books...
Too hard? Too Easy? or JUST RIGHT?

We use 100 Book Challenge in my school - anyone else out there do it?? Well, it actually talks about using your Just Right book - so I've always said it like in Goldilocks terms...but NOW I have the clip art to make it how I REALLY want it!!

So that's in there too!

Get them from my TpT or TN.

Got them uploaded just in time for the sale!

Don't forget!! I'm giving the big unit away!! ENTER HERE!!


Unknown said...

What a cute unit Jen! I want to teach it so bad!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

Kelley Cirrito said...

This looks great Jen!! I love the clip art! It is too cute! Did you go to the beach today??

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the fluency poster. Genius!

Fun in Room 4B

Erika said...

Pick me! Pick me! I follow you everywhere!

Pocketful of Littles said...

I would love to give you the template but I don't know how?


Ms Patterson

Pocketful of Littles said...

I wish I could be of more help

My school doesn't have a scanner and neither do I

I am sorry if I could find a way to share it with you I would

Ms. Patterson

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