Human bar graphs, ladybugs, and advice for the future

First off,if you bought my Laura Numeroff, my kids have found 2 cards that are duplicates (one in literacy and one in math) - oops!! I uploaded the revised version so you can download it, but if you've already printed, leave me an email address and I can send you a page with JUST the cards you need to print up - to save ink! (Squirrels - I already emailed you!)
Sorry about that! But at least I know my kids are really into my centers!! HA!! :)

OK, moving on...

This week, we're working on my GiGantic CirCus pack...

We've been slowly sorting a lot of the cards...

And then, for our silent reading Mini Lesson, they had to find either a hard or soft G or C (remember my TABS they do??) Usually we'll do a tree map or something of whatever they find (see example HERE), but today we made a human bar graph - ha! They got in line for whatever their word was. Sadly, Soft C was left out this time.

In other news, our Ladybugs are "hatching!"

Do you see the "shell" on the side there??? The kids are SO excited to see all the lady bugs hatching!!

In other hatching news....

Our eggs only have ONE MORE WEEK!!

Time to get the "nest" ready!


Quote of the day!

So, when our students are in trouble, we make them walk laps around the playground during recess. There's a BIG pvc pipe that goes around it to "keep the mulch in" or

....well, this one little darling was walking today. He was walking ON the pipe.

So, I yell over to him "STAY OFF THE PIPE!!"
Not only do I teach the future of our country - I also give great advice for the future! 


P.S. - how do you guys "punish" your kids??

I leave you with a video of B's new milestone accomplishment.
Sorry, proud mama moment! :)


Unknown said...

Haha! That's funny! My kiddos walk laps up and down the side walk - they HATE it, but oh well. It's good exercise for them and it's better than standing on the wall.

Kinder Kraziness

Elizabeth said...

Stay off the pipe! Hilarious!

We make ours "walk the track" sometimes, too. But lately we've been "allowed" to start recess detention again. Shocker!


Fun in Room 4B

Kristin said...

Love the human graph!
Stay off the pipe is hilarious!!!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Traci Clausen said...

Ha! Look at you... guiding the future decisions of your students.
What are you going to do when all those chicks hatch?
Dragonflies in First

Holly said...

We "flip cards" in my class - but several of our Kindergarten teachers use conscious discipline so I'm not sure exactly what they do. Sometimes they stay in for recess - but only for about five minutes because I know that feels like an eternity to both of us...and usually the kids who lose their recess are the very kids who NEED their recess!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

STAY OFF THE PIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen R said...

yeah...we don't stay in...unless its raining! ha! I want/ need to go outside too!!! ans you're rogjt- those kids need to be moving!

Sara at school said...

Our kiddos have to walk laps around the slab - the cement. Sometimes I have kids stay in if the problem is they haven't been doing their work. Isn't it amazing what they can get done in 5 minutes of recess time that they couldn't get done in 15 minutes of center time?

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

I love your posts!!!! B is completely squishable...and I love that you posted a cute!!

I try to make the consequence fit the crime...I once had a student un-roll all of the toilet paper in the boys bathroom!!!! So, I gave him some gloves and let him clean up his own mess. I would have had him put that in a plastic bag and use that during the year...if it was legal for me to teach kids about the importance of taking care of our earth - but it's not, so I had him throw it away.

The bad part of the lesson: he got slack from his buddies who had to witness him picking up toilet paper...apparently, this is hilarious in 7th grade!

The good Part: He never did it again.
Lesson learned...LOL!

I didn't think it was something that called for a parent conference or anything like that - I think his friends punished him more (-;

P.S. I just posted some free frames!!

The 3AM Teacher
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Kelley Cirrito said...

If they get in trouble in class they stand on the line but if they get in trouble in the halls they walk the line!! Sounds like we do pretty much the same thing'

Kelley Cirrito said...

I forgot to ask...where in the world did you get the ladybugs??

Jen R said...!

Kristen said...

HAHA! You crack me up Jen!! What a cool teacher, you have all kind of wonderful projects going on!

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