Inspiration leads to a fraction freebie and winner!

Like my pet rocks?? hehe

This the first year in 8 years that I'm NOT is SUCH a relief.
Don't get me wrong...we still test...and test and test and test.
Just not the FCAT!!

I was so inspired by Reagan's rock {HERE}, that I wanted to jazz up a popular testing buddy gift for our 5th graders.

I made this little tag to go with it. I'd share, but his chain says FCAT on it..hehe.

The "Rock" was made by, none other than the FABULOUS Michelle over at 3AM Teacher. She actually gave out a generic (non-FCAT) rock for a freebie because she's JUST THAT AWESOME!! Click my little tag I made to go get your rock from her!

And since the blogging world has inspired most of this post - I want to give something back to y'all!! Y'all seriously make me a better teacher - you know that, right??

One of their math centers this week was Duckling Fractions

This is something that I just came up with on Sunday night - and it came out pretty cute!

All the ducks come with feet on them, but it was their picture, so they could do what they wanted...some cut them off and put them in a pond, some kept them on and they were walking on land - and if you notice the one above?? The first duck is half out/half in - he's only got a partial leg! hehe!! I just love kids :)

Students practice their fractions with the duck pictures!
Copy the duckling page on different colors of paper, or have them color in the colors they want. I copied the Mother Duck onto white so they could color her and the umbrella what they wanted. Then have them draw a scene and write about their ducks in fractions! The pack includes student examples.

Click the pic to go download for free!!


And the winner of my newest Spelling pack?? picked...

Suzy Q!!
I normally don't write what they say, but I LOVE this one! haha!
 "I'd like to braG about going to the Gym, but let's faCe it, I am more likely to Crash on the couch."

Which is exactly what I plan to do right now!!

Don't forget, tonight at midnight ends my one day sale!

You can still get this fabulous pack on sale (among MANY other things - I mean, you're going to be there anyway to get the Duckling Fraction freebie, right?! hehe), even if you didn't win!

Freebie Fridays


Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

What a cute fraction activity!

I bought your homophones packet just now. It was too cute to resist! :)

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Emily said...

Jen, I love your rock! Can I get a copy of it to share with our 5th graders? They are so pumped for the FCAT. They are watching a lot of "Rock the FCAT" videos online and loving the encouragement. Thanks!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Kristen said...

Hey Jen, this is all so adorable (as always)! I so know what you mean about bloggers making better teachers--I feel the exact same way about my teaching! I hope you have a lovely Friday--any beach pics this weekend?? We had sun, then rain, then a weirdly short snow/sleet storm, then get the idea. Just another day in New England!! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE your rocks!!!
Jen when you asked where I got my rocks did you mean my rock clip art or my actual rocks? I thought you meant my actual rocks. I made my little rockin rocks clip art rock guy myself. Not as creative as the 3 am teacher fo sho. But if you ever want something like that I would be happier than happy to share. I hope we didn't miscommunicate on that! :)
love you and thanks so much for sharing your rocks!!!

Jen R said...

Thanks Amber!!
Kristen - you better believe if the weather is good, the beach is where we'll be!! :)
Emily - just emailed it to you!!
Reagan - just emailed you back, but I WAS talking about the actual rocks! :) but your little rock guy is SOO cute too!! :)

Grade School Giggles said...

You've been tagged. Stop by Fun 2B in First and join the game.
Fun 2B in First

Rebby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebby said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Duckling Fractions. It's a super cute idea and I'll be using it next year.

Classroom Compulsion

Jill said...

Jen! Your ducking fractions are so cute! I think I might actually do them tomorrow!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Jen, you are so completely awesome that I couldn't resist commenting with the ya and thank you sooooo much for your sweetness.

I love your tag!! You rock!! Lol!

The 3AM teacher

Traci Clausen said...

What a great idea... I LOVE the FCAT chain on the rock dude. Too cute!
Dragonflies in First

Suzy Q said...

Woohoo...loved seeing my name in your post!

Filed those cute ducklings for next year.

Praise be we don't have any tests to stress about.

Kate said...

Cute spring time activity! Thanks for sharing!

Kelley Cirrito said...

I love your rocks! That is a great idea to give to our older grade buddies. I will be writing that one down for next year! Happy Friday!

Autumn said...

Cute spring time activity! Thanks for sharing!

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