Classroom Reveal 2017-18

It's the LAST one in my Motivation Monday series!! I'm a week late on it, but that's because my room wasn't quite set up yet AND I was getting ready for Meet the Teacher....

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Week 6 - EEK! I don't have!?

So here is my classroom reveal for this year....
I actually haven't done one in a few years, for various reasons, but you can see my last one HERE

I'm going to be honest with you here, my friends.

This is nothing special. There might be a few new things for you to see, but it's just a plain ole room.  I am a mom of 3. I have a social life (the beach, mainly - ha!)... and I'm really not that creative when it comes to decorating... might be why my house still isn't finished, 6 years later. ha!!

Also - I have a lot of areas that I'm just not sure of yet. It's so hard to complete a room that you haven't used to know if you'll be able to "carry out" your plan of usage, right? 

***update...after the FIRST day, I already rearranged and made some changes. haha. The spacial aspect was just not working for me!***

BUT, that being said... here's my favorite part of my "creativity" I was able to conjure for my room. 


That's my "pretty small" welcome board outside of my door.

When you walk in, here's what you see....

I really should wait to hang those puffs from the ceiling. I KNOW I'll be moving desks around before the end of the week... depending on how many students show up or get added.

Here's my teacher area.

I really like having my desk against the wall and my guided reading table up to it.... and my computer and doc cam are there too. 

I'm never sitting at my desk during the day, and it's never enough room to spread out when AM working at my desk, so this way, I have the best of everything I need!

Also - see all those monthly bins up top there?? That's one of my goals this year.. to seriously purge as I got through the year. You wouldn't believe how much I have already purged for August. I am on a purging mission this year. I am tired of cramming and storing all this stuff... it's time to be a minimalist, my friends...

wait. does that even make sense?? I minimalist teacher. hmmm...

Just on the side of my desk is the listening center...

You can see in the picture, I don't use headphones for my listening center. It has never been a problem, honestly. but it's really close to my teacher table right now, so we'll have to try it out. I might have to move it...the problem is (if any of you have an 800 building, you know what I mean), there are barely ANY plugs. It's pretty frustrating. 

On the other end of the rainbow rug is where I sit for read alouds and using the rolly cart... I don't really know what you call this area???

That bulletin board will change, I'm sure.... I'll be using it to house our Spelling, sight, and vocabulary words...reading strategy posters, class made posters, and what not. I'm not really sure what I'll really be putting up there. lol. 

behind that is this bookshelf...

We used to have big TVs on there (like the tube TV kind), but they took them all out. I was at a loss of what to do up there. It looks silly with nothing and I can't just STORE stuff up wold look unkempt - eek!  So I opted to make it an eye-pleasing spot... got some plants, put my framed pictures up there...and our pet rocks. hehe

and here's what's behind the curtain...just storing things.

Next to that is my library (most of it)....again, I will be purging a lot of these books this year... a lot were for my 1st graders. I know my 2nd graders would/could read them, but I just wouldn't use them for book/author studies or read alouds for 2nd grade. 

On the other side of my library is my other library... again. I have SO MANY BOOKS. Not a bad problem to have, really. ha! But, as the months go on, I'll be purging these books too. 

That bulletin board?? My plan is to print up a few covers each week of our favorite books we read that week... We shall see how it goes.. I might just do our main book from that week, but sometimes I really like other books that we "just read." You know??

So this area right here....

the 2 fake bulletin boards?? I might actually take those down. I can't really think of what I would want to put up there, and I'm not going to be doing much "interacting" with the wall...since it's a pain to staple into it and climb up on the counters. We'll see... this room will change 1,000 times before Christmas. lol

These are the chapter books, not anywhere near my other books... because this room lacks space, and I have too much stuff. haha

The back wall... This board will be my "theme" board. I will change it each season, to kind of match what is hanging up there...probably. haha.

Those 3-drawer rolly carts under the table?? Those are currently all my centers for each month... I'm seriously purging right now...and I've gotten through fall. So, once December comes around, I'll be purging even more. All my 1st grade stuff is GOING... and I'm even purging a ton of my 2nd grade stuff. It's time. It's been 4 years since I last used it. I'm sure it needs an update. lol

Here's where I house all my centers each week...

And their sight word sticks stay in the bucket in the bottom. 

Next to that is the shelf where their morning buckets are. Right now there is a bunch of PlayDoh for everyone. That's because I haven't introduced morning buckets they will all just get to play with PlayDoh these first 2 days!
(clearly, I staged these buckets properly for these pictures. ha!)

These are the kids' desks. Each group has 2 bins in the middle (one is the recycle bin and one is the supply bin). The supply bin will house their expo markers, erasers, post it notes, and in the big area, that's where I'll put their tracers, paper, and other supplies for the crafts we do. 

(and no, I haven't taped down their Kagan "cards" yet because this group is my group that may or may not be staying together, or getting pushed out to other groups).

Each desk has a pencil hopper that will hold 2 pencils and an eraser... that's ALL they're allowed to have in that hopper, aside from their name tag, of course.

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Rachel Lamb said...

Looks great Jen! Have Ana amazing first day!

Ginger Teacher said...

Your room looks amazing! I can't wait to do mine. I still have 4 weeks left so I'm not starting yet but you are inspiring me!

M3IL said...

Hi, my name is Mary and I have a book problem. I have way, way too many. So, this spring when I packed up I sorted and developed tubs of books I am giving away to students each month when they meet their reading goals. They will be able to pick a book from the bin. I will add books as needed from my tubs as I find more books that just aren't as popular as they once were or are duplicates. (How many copies of Harry Potter books do I really need?) I'm hoping this is a win-win for us.

Paulina Cameron said...

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Unknown said...

How do you introduce the Literacy/Math centers in August? Some of the standards we don't hit at the beginning of the year. Also, do you have more than one student working on an activity at a time?

Niki said...

Wow! Looks awesome. It is incredible how the mother of 3 children has time to cope with all this. If I had such a teacher in school, I might not have become such a dunce. And so illiterate. Can I ask a favor? Can you do my college homework for me please? Okay, I was just joking. Or maybe not. Lol
When I have children, I will enroll them in your school. Well if I have any kids somewhere.

isaacball said...

Nice Post.

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