Monday Motivation: Classroom Libraries

This week's Monday Motivation is all about your classroom library.

I have a SERIOUS love for children's books... it was an addiction for a lot of years... so I have TONS of books...and I've even purged my books a few times every since being in 1st grade! yikes! haha

So, let me show you how I organize all these beautiful books.

I know there are TONS of ways for your classroom library to be organized.   Some have their books all organized by levels...or by theme...

But for me? I really had to think about this. I really wanted my library to be functional. And it's a different kind of function when you teach different grades. But for the most part, no matter if I've taught 3rd, 2nd, or (now) 1st, I've kept it the same pretty much the whole time.

I've decided to organize my library the same way a REAL library organizes.

Fiction books by authors and Nonfiction by "theme" (or rather they dewy decimal system, but I wasn't going to THAT extreme. lol).  BUT, I do have my monthly books pulled out and organized those by monthly bins.

I decided to do this for a few reasons.  Most importantly, because I use my books all the time. So I wanted to be able to find them easily, just like in a real library, by the author's last name.  And I know if they aren't where they are supposed to be, then they are in my monthly bins. I also did this so that the kids have consistency when trying to find books in my room and a library. So they learn to look for books by authors' names....or by nonfiction theme.

So, here is a look into my classroom library.

This is the "fiction" side...and to the right, you can see the foundation skills bins... like grammar and phonics...I also have my math literature books and my "fairy tales" type books over there. 

Notice the stickers on the top? Wonder what are those are for??  Well, all of my books are leveled. Because when I taught 2nd and 3rd grade, we took A.R. quizzes, so I leveled all my books so my kids would know which level they were reading so they could take a quiz on it.  I also now have my books F & P leveled.

Check out {THIS} post to read more about how I level my classroom library.

Here's my nonfiction bookshelf - it doesn't look like I have a lot (or maybe it does??) but most of them are in my monthly bins for when I teach certain science/social studies standards, since I always teach those with certain themes.

I usually keep the books I'm using, or that go along with our theme, in my book stand, so the kids have visual and quick access to them if they want to read them.

What about student book baggie books that they take home to read on their level??

Wellllll... our school has lots of books that we use to send home. MOST of them are old series books, or some Reading A-Z books. But they are all leveled. and then I pull out the ones that fit my students' levels. I usually only bring out 4 levels at a time and either round up or down the kids to match the levels. I put little sticky notes on the front of the basket (I hi-tech, right?!) of the level of books that are in those baskets and their student numbers on the one that they can choose from. I usually relevel the kids every month or so, so that keeps them moving. I also have a few bags (gallon size bags) of books for each level, so that helps when I need to change them out.

How do my kids borrow books from me?? Especially since I have kids in the {Chapter Book Club}.

Well, it's very simple, and on the honor system.  They use a stick with their number on it!
Yep - that simple. They keep the book as long as they like and return it before they can get a new one.

Read my post {HERE} on my borrowing system.

Check out other bloggers' classroom libraries below!

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Amanda said...

Love your classroom library, Jen! Very organized! Thanks for putting on this link up. Might actually motivate me to get back to blogging every week! ;)

First Grade Garden

Crofts' Classroom said...

I LOVE your blue and green baskets! They make your library look so clean and organized. Great post. Thanks Jen!

Crofts' Classroom

Mrs. Bancker said...

I love the many, many ideas you've shared-thank you! Just a question about the labels-do you have these in a TPT product? Thanks so much!

Jen R said...

Hi Mrs. Bancker
I do :)
Here's the link for them

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