Growth Mindset Unit

So, this was my first year of really focusing on Growth Mindset, as a unit of study... I just kind of pieced things together for my unit. Here are a few things I did through the 2 weeks....

These are the books I used for that week...

We always make a folder for our "unit" study. I usually have a cute picture they color or create to put under the title card, but I forgot to take a picture after that...

We started with Giraffes Can't Dance. I love that book!

Then we made a list of things we can't do YET as a class... They wrote about what they LOVE to do, but what they can't do yet...

I found this cute idea HERE  and the cute giraffe parts HERE

We also read the books Ish and Dot... and talked about how there's no such thing as perfect!! And sometimes mistakes can turn into great things.

We made super cute ISH paintings and hung them in our "Ish Gallery."  (great vocabulary practice!)

I just love them! I never want to take them down. lol 

Somewhere in there, I had them decorate their "can" word any way they wanted, and pick a color to have as the background. 

We made our T-Chart comparing Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset dialogue.

We made these flap posters, where they colored their brain and then wrote 1 or 2 examples of dialogue for each side. 

Then, to wind up the unit, we did a fun little dialogue activity.


They picked their favorite quite from the Growth Mindset column to put in the speech bubble, then we practiced writing with quotation marks.  They always love getting their picture taken, and when I make them pose all silly for the activity, they are highly amused. haha

Since this was my first year doing it, there was a lot of note taking of on things I want to change or add next year... but I'm really glad I added this into my beginning of year plans. It took longer than I thought it would (2 weeks, actually), but hopefully that just means it'll stick longer, right?!

You can download some of these activities on this post HERE.

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AlyssaTarp said...

Love these ideas! Do you know where I could find the brain activity?

Kimberly Higbie said...

Great ideas! Where can I find the word "can" reproducible?

Jen R said...

Hi ladies! I just added a link to download some of the activities - it's at the bottom of the post. :)

Gina Bullock said...

Hi Jen! I really enjoyed looking at your blog/website. I teach third grade and we are implementing the Growth Mindset activities to help students and improve their learning process. I love your ideas and activities and I will be looking at your website for ideas for my own classroom. Thank you for sharing!

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