Jam Packed for St. Patrick's Week!

Top O' the morning to ya!

lol. Ok, I'm a little tired still since SOMEONE thinks that I need to get up at 5:30....surprisingly, it was the dog. And I really can't ignore him, or I'll have a "present" waiting for me to deal with later...lol. 

Any whosit. I know I haven't been doing Visual Plans this year...because, let's face it, I just don't have the time...but I did want to show you what we'll be doing this week....because for some reason, I have the time to do it this morning before my day is jammed packed!

First, though, I want to show off some of my "arteest" skills. I'm getting better at drawing for my anchor charts, which used to be HORRIBLE...like, can't wait to get them off the wall and into the trash can horrible. lol. But this year, I've really put some "UMPH" into them... I "blame" Kristen (A Day in First Grade) because her anchor charts are always soooo cute, and I strive to be more like her...lol! 

We've been working out of my Jamie O'Rourke pack...I just love this story!

We did some some summarzing, problem and solution...and here is character trait...

here is my BEAUTIFUL anchor chart I made (lol - I'm totally impressed!)...I left the clues from the story OFF the anchor chart because I wanted to see if they could tell me how Jamie was clever OR lazy. 

Check out my pack in my Shop on the Blog or my TpT store

Ok...now onto next week!!

First off, for math, we'll be doing my Lucky Charms Math.  

It's just like my Fish Math and my Valentine Conversations Math

I'll also be doing a Shamrock Shake. I've done these the last few years and my kiddos always love them!

I think I'll be doing this on Tuesday...to go with the Tasty Tuesday that I found from Denise (Sunny Days). This is such an awesome idea! I just found it, so I'm going to do a trial run for the next few months, and next year, I'll try to put it into full effect!

I stole a picture from her blog so you can see some of what I'll be using this week...even though it's not the recipe, you'll get the idea. But check out her posts on it HERE.

What am I doing for my Literacy centers the last week?? Wellllll....I'm finished with my March Common Core pack (I started the last week of February...) SO, I'm pulling from some of the centers I did last year. Why not? I already have them lying around, right?! You can check out my posts from last year (Here and HERE) on how I did centers last year...there are some great freebies and links to other fun activities on there too!!

First, I will be doing one center from my March Common Core set... the I'm an Author for writing. I really like these. I have them keep the picture prompt page in their folder that way if I want them to do a quick writing activity, they have a ready-to-go prompt! So, they'll be doing a different one this week for me.

They'll also be doing a Main Idea activity....this one is All About Kites.  It's just like the ones I have in my Common Core packs, but instead of 3 different ones (narrative, opinion, and information), it's just the one informational.  This is a freebie that I posted last year on my visual plans. You can snag it HERE or you can go to the post and get it...there are more freebies over there, so you should go THERE.

I will also be using some centers from my Pot O' Gold Literacy Centers pack. We'll be doing the Fact and Opinion and Sentence Stretcher.

I'll also be doing the Scrambled Sentences Pack that is in the bundle!

You can check out my St. Patrick's Day centers on TpT store or my Shop on the Blog.

For whole group, I actually plan on using a WHOLE bunch of different stuff...

one from my girl, Kelley (Teacher Idea Factory). I seriously love EVERYTHING this girl does. If I taught with her, I would be one of those annoying teammates that expected her to give me everything she did! lol

I have SOOOO many resources for St. Patrick's Day because I might have a slight addiction to TpT resources...lol, and as I do them, I'll post them on my IG and FB...make sure you follow my instagram and facebook account! (look at the top of my blog for the link!)


Kelley Dolling said...

Girl . . . you made my day. We should start a school my friend. However, I would indeed be picking YOUR brain daily :) Huge hugs and merry Sunday.

Jen R said...

we'd be a rock star team! <3

Irene Jennings said...

Such a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's day. I'll take note of those next time.
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