A Little Bit of Seuss

Happy Dr. Seuss week!!  

Don't you just love those Dr. Seuss cupcakes?! That was our "celebration" craft after they finished their writing for this.  We didn't have a LOT of time to do many fun activities this week....we're in the middle of testing in EVERY subject for our district tests.  BUT, that's ok...I can make our reading skills this week work into anything! We wrote an informational piece, which summarized our Scholastic News WITH an opinion part to it...whew! Man, I sure do work them - haha!

I pulled out an older Scholastic News (yes....I keep them from year to year...shhh!)

While we were reading it, we labeled all the non-fiction text features. 

Then we used a summarizing sheet to summarize the article (pretty much summarizing each paragraph). For the conclusion, they wrote their opinion about Dr. Seuss. Basically, I "encouraged" them to have the opinion that he was a creative author...lol, and then I showed them how the details that we wrote from the article supported their opinion that he was creative. (sneaky, sneaky)

Once they finished their writing, they did their craft to go with it - the birthday cupcakes, Dr. Seuss style! LOVE them!! They came from Linda's unit, check it out HERE.

OH! I wanted to show you my "Official" Dr. Seuss outfit that I wear each year....lol.

I just LOVE those cat shoes! I've had a few questions about where I got them...I don't remember where I got them EXACTLY, but I did find them on Amazon.

And, one last picture....this is my "Teacher's Picks" reading shelf this week. I MIGHT have a little problem.....my problem is that I STILL don't have all the Dr. Seuss books yet! haha!

I've also had a few emails about my Math with Fish activity pack. I don't have it on TpT anymore, but you can still get it on my Shop on the Blog. I plan on doing it tomorrow...(or maybe Tuesday - on our Field Trip day if we don't get to it tomorrow),it's a great way to end the Seuss week! It goes great with Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish book!

Click to check at my Shop on the Blog.

Tomorrow is Friday....
and I'm Happpppyyyyyyyy! 


Unknown said...

Your cupcakes turned out so cute Jen! I'm so glad your kiddos had fun! Love Love Love your cat shoes!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

The cupcakes are adorable. I love the cat shoes, so cute.


Jessica said...

Love it! I keep the Scholastic News from year to year, too! Such a great resource. They had a Dr. Seuss issue this year that my kiddos loved!

Love the shoes, too!

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Debbie Crockett said...

I want those shoes! Too cute.

Traci Clausen said...

Ok... there is SO much I love about this post!! First of all those cupcakes are incredibly cute. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you increased the challenge and schema demand with your Scholastic mag activity! What a great lesson. Your Seuss outfit couldn't be more perfect! And fish math?! My kiddos would go nuts! Love all of it and YOU!

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