Visual Plans, Freebies, and Follow Me! the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

This week, we're doing different version of Three Little Pigs - I LOVE the MANY different versions there are! The kids are always amazed there are more than one version - ha!

We're going to be using my 3 Little Pigs pack, and I'm going to be adding more to it, because I just got a new idea to do....BUT first, I want to work it out with my kids to see what and how I want to do it.  

In my small groups, I'm going to start with doing Reading A-Z book, but then I'm also going to be using DeAnne's 3 Pigs unit for my small groups too.

There are a few freebies in the plans this week - make sure you download the plans to get the links!!

(the link for this freebie is in the visual plans!)

So, here is my Three Little Pigs unit - it's been updated since I used it last year....AND I'm going to be adding even MORE to it, so make sure you snag it up!

Take a look at some of the books that will be on my shelf this week!
(Thanks, Denise, for showing me this way cool widget!)

Just wanted to make sure you saw our FL blogger blog hop yesterday!

Click the pic to go my post, which will also give you a button to start from the beginning!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of late...

A and B LOVED their snake snack!

FL fun in the sun!

A with one of her favorite friends at her favorite place

B givin' her momma a flower - melt my heart!

yes, one of my favorite pix - haha! I just love this girl....4 kids later, and THIS is how she looks. #myidol

ONE more thing!

Yep - I'm on Instagram now!! Come follow my blog on Instagram

We're going to start doing a #teachertalktuesday "partay!" (thanks to two of my fave girls!) Click the pic to see who else you can find on instagram!

Ok, I THINK that's it.....I'll be back tomorrow to show you all that we did last week. I didn't get a chance to blog about it last week, sorry!


Kelley Cirrito said...

I am on instagram too, kelley cirrito! I will go and follow you now! I loove Tori Spelling too! I can't wait to see if they have another show on BRAVO soon! Have a fun Sunday with your girls!

Rachelle said...

I LOVE all of your instagram pics!! I envy your beach life!!!

Thanks for linking up, friend!!!!

savvy teaching tips said...

I agree with Rachelle. When I saw all your photos of the kids in the sun it made me wistfully think of summer. Found you through the instagram linky. I checked out your instagram and there's some awesome stuff there. I'm your newest follower.



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