Updated Math!

Hey guys...

Just a quick little hello!

This past week, I had TWO of my little 2nd graders pass not only ALL of their addition facts...

but also ALL of their subtraction facts, too!!

They used the quizzes out of my Tasty Facts pack

SO...after about a week of teaching them multiplication, those two are moving on to my Multiplication and Beyond pack!

Well...since they already earned their ice cream and pizza party, I didn't want them to use the the same "party" - and I've always done a Nacho party for multiplication...

But when I was creating the pack, I couldn't find any clip art that had the nacho separated into pieces...
Then, I met Ashley...


and she TOTALLY came through with some SERIOUSLY cute clip art for it - have you met her yet??

Once you do, you will be addicted!

Any who-skiis

I went and added the Nacho version 
(I kept the ice cream version in there for those of you who don't have/do the addition/subtraction pack, so you can still do that version if you'd prefer.)

I have also included the vertical version of the multiplication quizzes. 
(Like I did for the addition/subtraction pack)

-cover sheets for both multiplication and "beyond"
-checklists to keep track of your students' success
-2 different versions for each multiplication fact from 0-12
-2 different versions for each beyond
- build your sundae templates
-build your pizza templates
- teacher tips
-posters for bulletin boards
- student examples

What's included in the "beyond" skills:
squared, 100-, square root, cubed, changing percents to fractions, improper fractions, reducing fractions, equivalent fractions, finding fractions (what is 2/3 of 15), and multiplying fractions.


If you've already bought them, go redownload them for free!

If not...

What are you waiting for??

Go check them out!


Nicole Heinlein said...

These are seriously adorable!
Teaching With Style

The Colorful Apple said...

I love this idea! And congrats to your little ones!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Unknown said...

Love how it turned out!!! :)

Unknown said...

Nachos? Perfect idea, I'm going to have to try your cute packets out for my 2nd graders!
Super Duper Cute!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

Very cute & yummy!!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Kristen said...

I think it is awesome that you created such a challenging pack for your students who have passed those facts! This looks excellent!!!

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