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To all my teacher friends...

This HAS to be shared...there is a mother who was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3

...her father just passed a few years ago with this same cancer. Tiffany's daughter is ONLY a year old (omgosh..I'm tearing again) of my blogging friends, Alisha, The Bubbly Blonde,  has set up an AMAZING packet of things you can get if you donate money to this help pay for her bills and mortgage while she is in the hospital.... Here is the link to the blogpost - you can see everything that you will get once you donate $20. There's over $130 in products you will get. 

Actually I think it's more now that other bloggers have seen the post, they are begging to be a part of this. 

It is SOOOOO amazing how all these bloggers came together to help out - and even MORE amazing how many people have donated money to help her out.

My husband is a firefighter...I have seen what a bond firefighters have with each other, especially in times of need...but I think teachers have this same bond.  Click her button to go check it out!


Stacy said...

Thanks for the post. . .I just donated.

✰ Stacy

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Elisabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this!
Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

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