Hot of the Web!

Hehehe - get it??

Instead of Hot off the Press?

It's Hot off the web....

because it's ALL about SPIDERS!!!

October is my most favorite month of the year!!


Well, I don't really like the whole candy aspect in school - but I love teaching about spiders and bats and having fun with the writing I can do during Halloween week...SO FUN!

I even got married in October.


back to spiders..

or rather, Arachnids.

This weekend, I have spent compiling all the activities I do into one unit (well...two, really).

The literacy unit is SO AWESOME! lol...

No, seriously, I love it! 

Tons of things going on here - check it out:

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This pack is GREAT to help you teach your spider unit!

Fact/Opinion Centers with recording sheet

Spider Sentences: sorting between the three different types of sentences - has the option to either write the type of sentence or write out the sentence with the correct punctuation.

All About Arachnids: Compare and contrast arachnids and insects - has header cards for class venn diagram as well as sentences to sort in whole group. There is a student version and either the option for the students to write in the venn diagram or cut and paste sentences into the venn diagram. There is a writing extension for the compare and contrast.
A tree map for arachnids, and a student book to write out the facts they have in their tree map.
-Label a Spider/Arachnid - different versions - just a label page or the option to do a label page with a caption that the students write.
- A spider craft that they use to write they facts they learned throughout the unit.

My kids LOVE this unit each year!

And since I do love "theming" my lessons - across the curriculum, I also did a Spidey Math Pack too!

TpT      TN

Included in this pack:

Adding up Flies: using ten frames to solve addition problems. There is also the option to extend the activity and have the students sort the math problems if their sum is even or odd.

Eight Spider Facts: each sum has eight addition problems that match it. For an extension,  you have the option of having four addition and four subtraction problems for the students to sort.

Time Flies: Matching the time; hour and half hour

Skipping Spiders: counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

ok - so, that's it for now.

BUT, don't forget, there's still a sale going on until midnight tonight - so you can snag these newbie packs on sale for a few more hours! woo!!


Lori Rosenberg said...

What totally "spider-iffic" activities! I love October, too! I just wish the weather would cool off.

Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Ash said...

What a clever little title. Love the spider unit!

Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Lisa Mattes said...

Super cute!!! October rocks!!
Growing Firsties

The Colorful Apple said...

Haha your joke made me laugh so hard (maybe I'm a little tired)! October is my favorite too -it's my birthday! Love the spiders!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Unknown said...

Super cute stuff here! Thanks for sharing these great units!
Little Miss Organized

Gladys said...

Cutest spiders ever! Love your new units! :)

Rachel Lamb said...

Oh. I'm so excited!! We have a tarantula and a scorpion do we love anything arachnid! These will be perfect for my lower kiddos!

oh' boy said...

this looks GREAT!!! we are working our way to a class pet and I hope they pick a tarantula!!! super cute my bloggy friend!!!

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