Apples Here and There!

So this week was Apple Week

In addition to reading and doing all kinds of things with Johnny Appleseed,

(check out my post from earlier this week on that!)

I also really like to read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

I really do like this book...

Let me just tell you...

I hit on EVERY. SINGLE. "subject" (do we even call them subjects anymore? everything curriculum; cross-curriculum and

We talked about:

sequencing - steps to make an apple pie (according to the book)

science - evaporation (she had to get salt from the salt water, so we talked about how if you hadocean water in a jar, the water would evaporate but the salt would stay...THEN, one of my girls asked, "well, then would the salt be wet? how could she use it then??" GOOD question - I guess I will have to go to the beach this weekend and grab some ocean water so we can test this out - oh shucks..the sacrifices I make for my job - ha!)

social studies - vs. state and compass directions

math - ordinal numbers

After we read and discussed the book, I had them do a "quazi-foldable" ha!

In each box, they wrote the ordinal numbers and then what she did to make the pie.

They turned out cute!

THEN, it was apple tasting time!

Last night  I SLAVED peeling and cutting apples (not really - it was only like 20 minutes)

(ooh ooh! movie quote!
"She could peel an apple in one long curly strip"
anyone?? It's one of my FAVORITE movies ever!)

They had their choice of:
Apple Cider
Apple Chips
HOMEMADE Apple Butter and biscuit
HOMEMADE applesauce 

(oh. my. gosh...this was SOOO good!! I even got a compliment of "wow - this is almost as good as my grandma's homemade applesauce from a fellow teacher" I was feeling pretty special at that point..ha!)

Then, of course, they graphed it...

yes...that is a CHALKBOARD.

Do any of you know what that is still?? lol We're a little behind times, although I DO have a doc cam - woo!

They have different colors because they also taste tested different color apples and they picked that color apple to write their name on, then we graphed with those apples on this graph - so it's a double-duty graph. 

I also use Hadar's apple unit a lot this week

We did some prediction on whether or not apples would float, then I "cut" (yes, cut with scissors - I forgot to bring a knife, so I improvised) open the apple and they predicted what the seeds were going to do

(they look like footballs, don't they - ha!)


Now...for some FALL activities...

We were learning about seasons...since you Floridians TOTALLY have fall and winter.


Do you KNOW how hard it is to teach about these seasons??? sigh....


We did a foldable science/fluency/reading com - visualzing activity.

The got their poem and we did or poetry fluency lessons...

I read it.
They read it (choral).
They partner read it with their partners (ABAB, then BABA so everyone reads everything)
Then we choral read it again...LOVE IT!

Then, we did a window foldable...

They labeled the seasons on the windows, glued the corresponding stanza of the poem, and then on the inside, they glue the tree that they colored to represent that stanza and drew the arrows to show that it was a cycle.

Click the pic below to get the poem and the tree...

I also wanted to show you how we used our "all in one" sheet this week...

We did it on Johnny Appleseed...

the "I Wonder" part is really hard for them still...

and so is the "It reminds me of" part...but the more we keep working on it, the better they'll get at it, right?? 

Anyway, for the word study part, I focused on words with suffixes.

We did plural nouns, but I just asked them what they "noticed" about all those words..and they are the ones that came up with it...same with the "ed" words - we will see what I want to work on next week...

If you want this page, go to THIS post to grab it.

Ok - If you made it through that whole post - woo!!

Sorry, it was heavy on pictures, but at least you got a few freebies out of it, right!? are some pictures to make you smile!

B lovin' her yogurt...

A and Me bein' silly girls - hehe!!

Happy Friday!

One last laugh...

this is so me...especially since hubs goes to auctions on Friday nights...

Pinned Image

ha!! I LOVE my girls...

If you want to see more apple activities, check out my Apple pack HERE.


Jenna said...

Love all your apple activities! how fun!! :)

Just Diving In

Unknown said...

I love all your apple fun your class had! (and I think that is Sleepless in Seattle! I love that movie too!)
Crayons and Curls

Miss Kindergarten said...

Sounds like you had a great apple week!!

Monica said...

We made applesauce and apple juice, too! Love your tree poem and all-in-one sheet! Thank you for sharing, Jen :)
Treasures for Teaching

Lisa R. said...

Your applesauce looks so yummy!! My kids loved the apple tasting part the best with our apple day!! I love the cute activities that you used. :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Halle said...

Wow! Apple Mania!

I wish we had the opportunity to go "full force" with a theme! Everything looks so fun and engaging!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Unknown said...

First of all.....I do know what a chalk board is....I actually still have two in one of my classrooms.

Now...I am just loving all of your "apple" activities! Your kiddos sure had some fun!

Mrs. B's Nook

Busy Bees said...

Your apple stuff looks awesome! Going to wrap my stuff up this week!

Lori Faas said...

Thank you for sharing the apple tree poem and foldable activity! Here in Western NY we get to see all the seasons (unfortunately, winter seems to be the longest) and we have an apple tree next to our playground so we get to see all the changes live and in person!

Lori @
Bee the Change
Mrs. Faas’ First Grade

Kelley Dolling said...

Sleepless . . . didn't even have to look and see the other comments. LOVE that movie!!! Great fun happening in your room for sure, friend!!

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Traci Clausen said...

That pic of you and A is soooo cute!

Love your "What's your favorite apple product?" graphing. FUN!

Elizabeth said...

Love all of your apple activities. Looks like a fantastic week!

Fun in Room 4B

Kelley Cirrito said...

You are totally making me want caramel apples like right now!! I think I am going to have to go to the store and get some!! Happy Sunday!

learningmyself said...

Hi! Your girls are so adorable! Loved the post and the ideas!!
I am still smiling at your improvisation (?sp) with the scissors cutting an apple...that is so what I would do too....thanks for the smiles and also for the freebies!!! <3 amy

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