Stormy weather blues...

First off, this whole "staying inside because it's raining" ordeal for two days straight is REALLY not fun when you have an anxious 2 year old who NEVER. STOPS. MOVING.


Thank you, Debbie (tropical storm, Debbie, that is)

That arrow is where I live...but this seriously is going to go on for all. week. long....

WHAT am I going to do with myself?? AND with my girls?? It's not like I can get much done for myself with A around needing my

Pray for me and my sanity. lol


Ok, so I REALLY wanted to link with Tara's Made-It Monday Party...except, the universe is against me and my crafting today....
First, when I went to JoAnn's, they didn't have ANY fabric in like a tropical/beachy theme that I was looking for...
BUT, I did find a few things that I could use...

But wouldn't you know it??

As soon as I started sewing, my sewing machine went all "kuh-put" on me....

oh jeesh...

Oh well...

And the bathroom isn't finished, so I can't show you that yet :(

BUT, I did got to Party City today - thanks to a fabulous comment left for me yesterday!

I got some cutouts that I'm going to lamenate, and hang around the room - though I might need to go get another

And some green fans that I can hang with the paper lanterns I showed you the other day...

And I was thinking about maybe laminating the orange flower and using it as some sort of "message board" - what do you think??? Ideas??

But, I really like this little find:

I'm going to use this as my author table -

Yeah- that's what it was last year...though, I DID eventually put a cheap dollar store table cloth on it - but I think that the flower fringe will be fun! I'll see if I really like it when I get it all set up I


Someone posted this on FB today...

It's so good to remember this....

I guess I could say the same thing about my laundry that I HATE folding and putting away (that I was talking about never did

And THIS song has been stuck in my head for like 4 weeks... I LOVE

So I thought I'd get it stuck in your head. :)

You're welcome! ha!


Corinna said...

Love what you found, very cute!! When my girls were the 1 and 3 we had rain for 40 days straight!! I kid you not, we were ready to build an ark!! When it stopped raining for even a minute we would run around outside!! Hope you get sunny skies soon!

Surfin' Through Second

Lisa R. said...

Girl, I can totally relate to the rainy ordeal! I'm a little north of your arrow on the map. I have a 3 year old who has been running all over the place all day. She keeps begging to go to the park & doesn't understand that we can't go to the park when it rains! Hang in there! Hopefully the rain will be gone sooner rather than later!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I can also relate to you an Lisa R (commenter above :)
I live in Tallahassee and we are getting LOADS of rain. It's so miserable. While I do not have kids, I do have two pups and they are just as ready to be done with all this as we are!!! Not excited about it being here all week either.
I will say a prayer for all of us tonight.

And next time you hear of a Florida Meet Up make sure I know about it!!!! I wanna join in on the fun!

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Holly said...

Can you go to the library- or can you not travel at all?

Hugs- stay safe!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Wolfelicious said...

I hear ya!! I live in Cape Coral so we have been inside. My wild 3 year old needs to get outside and play.


a passion for primary said...

I am sorry you aren't liking the rain (that made me think of Twilight..."how you likin' the rain Arizona??") I know I'm a dweeb! I actually prayed that Debbie would be headed my way over here in Texas. It is sooo hot here and we've had little to no rain. I could handle a TS or even a level 1 right about now!!

A Passion For Primary

Tammy said...

I just thought about you when I saw the weather. So sorry sounds like you will be getting FEET of rain all week. We on the other hand have triple digits and no rain. I like your cute little flowers.

First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

Kelley Cirrito said...

Please be safe!!! We have no rain up here in Kansas, just 100 degree weather everyday!! It is soo awful!!

Owls and Lessons, Etc. said...

Debby sucks. I just have to say it and I don't even live in Florida. Hopefully she'll take some Midol and move on, right? Thinking of you all! Stay safe!

Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

Swersty said...

Send some rain my way here in Central Texas, please!
Swersty’s Swap Shop

Leanne said...

Love all the decor you found at Party City! Your author's table is going to look fab. :)


Elizabeth said...

I've been a little worried for my Florida blogger friends, but it looks as if you are OK :)

Boo on Joann Fabric. You'll find something. Just keep looking (and yes, online might be the key.)


Fun in Room 4B

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I love the blue border. I will be in Hawaii next Monday for the month. I don't mind buying you some material and shipping it to you. I have to go fabric shopping for me, too.


Kristy said...

I love the idea of laminating the flower and using it as a message board. So cute!

We live an hour or so south of Jacksonville, so I know what you mean about the rain! Luckily, the kids and I are spending the month in Kentucky with my mom, so the poor hubby gets to deal with the storm by himself!

Teachin' First

Traci Clausen said...

Lovin' all the beachy stuff... sorry about the weather. I hope it improves quickly.

Masonwtdd said...

Please be safe!!! We have no rain up here in Kansas, just 100 degree weather everyday!! It is soo awful!!

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