It's Summertime..

And the livin's easy  (were you singing??)

I'm finished!!!  We had to pack up the ENTIRE room this year - EVERYONE....we have a SERIOUS cockroach problem...

I told hubs I was only going to be an hour or two because I THOUGHT I wad everything good to go and just had to do the last odds and ends...WELL...not so hour into it, I was about to cry because I was told that where I had everything, was the wrong spot - I needed to move everything to the center and OFF my rugs...

I called in for reinforcements...ha! PTL that he was off work that day and could come help me!!

Y'all - I think I'm one box shy of being a hoarder!!

And do you notice?? 

Not ONE cardboard box...

Yep - I should have taken stock in Sterelite with the amount of boxes I have - yikes!!!

Hubs wasn't happy.

But it was either buy the bins and leave the stuff there, or use cardboard boxes and bring it all home...


Wasn't going to bring home the cockroaches - and when hubs came in to help me today, he FINALLY understood just how BAD our problems is...the first thing he moved, like TWENTY cockroaches came scurrying out!!! bleh!!!

He was glad I had put my foot down on buying out Wal-Mart's supply of bins at that

In other news........

I could keep going, but you get the idea :)


gin said...

Omg...cockroaches! We have to pack and take home all our personal belongings this summer because we have rats! They are big and they are everywhere! Our principal doesn't want us to risk getting rat guts all over our stuff because they are going to "bomb" the place when everyone is gone and the rats flee and come out into the open to die. So gross! So, my hubby will be taking all my stuff home. ;)

Lori said...

EEWWW! Cockroaches!! Good thing you are leaving everything at school. :) I love it when my tan lines start to show too! Enjoy your summer.
Conversations in Literacy

Jeannie said...

oh my gosh - cockroaches and rats at school???? Oh no! I hope that gets taken care of.....

Thank you for joining my linky party!
Kindergarten Lifestyle.

Stacy said...

I'm right there with you on the hoarder comment. I am not looking forward to boxing everything up but it's that time of year. Congratulations on finishing up...5 days and counting for me.


Miss Squirrels said...

Someone should write a children's book about all the icky little creatures that stay at school after we leave.....they could title it
"Time to Poop on the Textbooks!"

Bleck! that is THE worst
I shiver just thinking about it
☞Go NuTTY with ME!

Arlene sandberg said...

I remember those days and then returning to school to find out my room had been changed and move everything!!. Can't believe I wasn't following you but I am now.
Enjoy your summer.
LMN Tree

Busy Bees said...

Your comment about hoarding totally cracked me up!! I am one box shy, too.

Corinna said...

My cockroach problem isn't so bad because I have so many geckos and lizards eating them!! Have fun working on that tan:))

Surfin' Through Second

Kristin said...

Cockroaches?!?! Ewwww!! And why???????
We had a mouse problem when our school was first built. Freaked me out!!!!!!!
How are they going to take care of the problem???

Jen R said...

The school was built in the 80s...and when we were cleaning out the pod, we found things that were like 20 years old - no lie!!!
They are going to be spraying VERY crevis...and taking down the boards and getting all the "colonies" of roaches from behind the boards..

The Colorful Apple said...

Eww cockroaches - I don't think I would even stick around to pack stuff up!! That's crazy.

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Jill said...

I don't have cockroaches, we don't have them here. I have ants, lots and lots of ants. I moved my couch away from the outside wall of my classroom and there were huge ant hills. It also explains why I had so many hobo spiders this year.

I think you did a great job of packing, we have to put everything somewhere, not on the floor. It makes for a lot of crammed coat rooms and shelves.

Enjoy your summer. I really enjoy your blog. jill Tales from Second

Tessa said...

Um, I think there should be a law. I don't think I'd handle myself very well if I kept seeing cockroaches. Ants and spiders I can handle with relatively little squealing. Cockroaches? I don't think so! Thank goodness they're taking care of it!

Tales From Outside the Classroom

EveryNewBeginning said...

Okay- I am itching and freaking out. Cockroaches??? Rats??? Ants?? I thought lice was bad!!!

Thank you baby Jesus my room is (hopefully) free of all of those things!

Every New Beginning

Unknown said...

Oh boy! I think I would have just thrown all my stuff away! Haha!
We don't have that kind of thing where I live so I'm guessing you are used to it...

All Students Can SHINE

April Walker said...

Just the thought of it freaks me out. I live in Texas, but roaches freak me out to no end!

Have a good bug-free summer!

Christina Bainbridge said...

Hey there! Totally off topic- but I am wanting to organize a big giveaway for my blog's b-day on June 20. I couldn't find your e-mail on your blog... but would love it if you'd participate!

You can e-mail me at if you'd like and I'll get you more info!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Anonymous said...

I've killed my fair share of roaches in my classroom but haven't found any this year! Just a few random ones in the hallway. I can't blame them for trying to sneak in from the hot New Orleans weather!

Shar W said...

Oh goodness- I just get irritated with the field mice we get off and on- all food has to hang out of reach. I would totally freak out if I saw any cockroaches. Your classroom piles look just about like mine, but I am only a half a box away from being a hoarder...if my classroom was a little bigger, I would look a little less like a hoarder. Enjoy your summer! You definitely deserve it!

Miss Trayers said...

Ah, the joys of teaching! They left that part out of the brochure, didn't they? :) Our powers that be had a wonderful idea of having the kids eat breakfast in the classroom every day--didn't consider all the critters those inevitable crumbs would attract. :( Not fun.

Primary Paradise said...

I understand the cock-roach problem. What is it with Florida and the roaches. We don't see the roaches just the ka-ka they leave behind. Yucko!

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