Aaargh! I'm Finished!!

I'm FINALLY finished!!!

Y'all have NO idea what this pack has done to me....I have been questioning myself over and over throughout this pack, not being able to make ANY

Just ask Reagan, or Squirrels, or Mor....and my friend Amanda...and

But, all of a sudden, it just clicked...took forever and a day to do this pack.

I wasn't even going to sell it...but I've been told to do so - ha!

So here it is!!

I'm actually quite in love with it!

This Zip file contains 7 files, 101 pages.

1) Alphabet, 2 cards on one page. There are pictures for the letters that have double sounds (hard/soft letters ans long/short vowels). There is also a one page alphabet chart, which would be great for centers!

2) World Wall Letters - the vowels are different color letters and background

3) Numbers 1-180. Count up the days of school! There is one complete set with the same background. There is a 2nd set that starts at 5 and counts by tens, and a 3rd set that starts at 10 and counts by tens. You can use these for 100s charts, or a sequencing math center as well!

4) Job chart - a ready made version, or a blank one for you to write in your own jobs.

5) Centers number labels - there are 2 sets; one for reading and math. There are small labels and big ones.

6) Calendar - Month and Days of the week header cards, which can also be used as a sequencing activity in a center! The weekends are different colors than the weekdays. There THREE different sets of calendar numbers, so you can choose which kind of pattern you would like for that month. Today is/Yesterday was/ Tomorrow is charts, and a place value chart for the day of the year.

7) Name tags and pockets - There are 2 different versions of the name tags, and 6 different versions of the pockets.

And most importantly, in each file there is a "Teacher Tips" page where I explain how to use each file and organization tips!!
You can get it in my 

I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two to add, so I'm sure I'll add more later...or if you can think of something else to add....

I do want to add a pirate glyph for the beginning of the year. But I can't think right now...

Also, don't forget my other pirate themed packs!!

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Heidi said...

This looks great. I plan to do a pirate theme next year and this will be a great pack to start out with :) Thanks for sharing.

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Jessica Laurine said...

love love love pirate stuff! too cute :)

The Littlest Scholars

Corinna said...

Wow!! Good job, I can't even imagine how long this took! I am working on my surf theme right now. If I finish before summers over I will be proud, lol!!

Surfin' Through Second

Unknown said...

It looks awesome! I wish I had your skills!

Eileen Griffin said...

Looks great Jen! I love the pirate theme.

Elizabeth said...

Looks great! I love the black, white and red combo :)


Fun in Room 4B

Kristin said...

Wow!!!! What a labor of love! I am so impressed!

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Aaargh, I bet you are so happy it's done! It looks great!
Stories From Second

Anonymous said...

I love it! I am most likely doing a pirate theme for my classroom next year, so your pack is now on my wishlist :)


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