Currently, Giveaway, Beaches, and Meet-Ups

So, I'm UBER late linking up.....

between working on my pirate and my beach theme classrooms....having power outages which kill my internet....having adobe go all wonky on me when trying to convert to PDFs....whew!!

BUT, better late than never right?? lol

I know y'all think I'm pretty crazy, but I'm LOVING my boot camp!! I've been getting up at 4:30 in them morning (I KNOW! I'm crazy...on my summer vacay, too!) and getting my butt kicked by Wendy....she's just awesome though.  After only a week, I can tell a difference, and honestly, I LOVE WORKING OUT!!

And part of my BIG summer to do list is to paint 2 of our 3 bathrooms....We moved in a little over a year ago, and these bathrooms are STILL not finished...they've been started, but not finished...I didn't really like the colors we chose, and life got in the this summer I WILL finish them!!

I'll be sure to show pics :)

Furniture for the house - ok...same deal...we've lived here for over and still haven't furnished our house all the way - we moved from a house that was less than HALF the size of this one, so we really didn't have any furniture when we came, so we still have empty rooms, believe it or not - ha!

Yes, I'm NEEDING a beach day...people it has rained here for OVER A WEEK!! My tan lines are disappearing as we

Wish we could go to Europe this summer - I've been, but my husband hasn't. I have big plans to get us there in TWO years...I WILL do it!! And that's when my parents will be moved back so they can take the kids for the 2 weeks...ummm...NO, I'm NOT taking the kids with us. lol
I haven't gone yet, but we're going to Colorado for a BIG family reunion...
it's to celebrate:
my 30th bday
my (step)brother's 30th
my brother in law's 40th
dad's 60th
grandpa's 80th

wowwy! Big birthdays this year!! And we haven't all been together in FOREVER, so it's a good reason, right?? Can't wait to go hike mountains and for Autumn to see her cousins!! These are the ones that live in we rarely see them...although, we WILL get there one day again..and when we do, I'll be sure to meet up with one of my new BBFF, Corinna

And each summer, we make a (LONG) trip to the drive-in movie's one of my most favorite memories of growing up - I vividly remember going to the drive-in while living in West (By God) Virginia. And I want my kids to have the same each summer, that's what we do.


I've also teamed up with the fabulous Lori for her giveaway!!!

She's so sweet....I currently have her sight word pack for 2nd grade and LOVE it!! I'm needing the 1st grade pack too - ha!

She has some AWESOME people that have teamed up with her - so go enter!!


I've FINALLY finished my beach themed classroom set...which was "request" from Surfer girl...(hehe - aka, Corinna)
it has everything my pirate unit has...but beachy and colorful....
oh...I just don't know which one I want to use now!! lol

It's 131 pages!! yikes!!

1) Alphabet, There are THREE different versions - a set with 1 card on a page, a set with 2 cards on one page, and a one page alphabet chart, which would be great for centers! There are pictures for the letters that have double sounds (hard/soft letters ans long/short vowels). 

2) World Wall Letters - the vowels are different color letters and background. The background matches the alphabet for consistency

3) Numbers 1-180. Count up the days of school! There is one complete set with the same background. There is a 2nd set that starts at 5 and counts by tens, and a 3rd set that starts at 10 and counts by tens. You can use these for 100s charts, or a sequencing math center as well!

4) Job chart - a ready made version, or a blank one for you to write in your own jobs.

5) Centers number labels - there are 2 sets; one for reading and math. There are small labels and big ones.

6) Calendar - Month and Days of the week header cards, which can also be used as a sequencing activity in a center! The weekends are different colors than the weekdays. There THREE different sets of calendar numbers, so you can choose which kind of pattern you would like for that month. Today is/Yesterday was/ Tomorrow is charts, and a place value chart for the day of the year.

7) Name tags and pockets - There are 2 different versions of the name tags and a boy and girl version of each, and 6 different versions of the pockets.

In each file there is a "Teacher Tips" page where I explain how to use each file and organization tips!!


I did add more to the pirate unit too....there are THREE different versions of the alphabet now -
One set that is one letter per page (new addition)
One set that has 2 letters per page
One set that has ALL the letters on one page - a personal alphabet chart


Today is the meet-up!!!


Can't wait to meet you all!!!

Ok, must go and start picking out my outfit. lol...Not really....I think I'll go drink more coffee and catch up google reader.


Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Have fun at your meetup! I'm super jealous that I can't be in FL!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Lori Rosenberg said...

Wow! You're going to be very busy this summer! Thanks so much for sharing about my giveaway. I hope you have fun at the blogger meet-up. Oh, you have mail! :)

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Kelley Cirrito said...

I want to hear all about the meet up!!!! I wish I had tan lines but I am just as white as can be. I hopefully will get a little sun when we go to Maui!! I cant wait for our trip!!

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Have so much fun at the blogger meet up! We're moving from a condo to an apartment this summer, and we're in desperate need of furniture too! If only furniture sales people weren't so pushy!! :)
Stories From Second

Kristen said...

Sorry to hear about all of the bad weather Jen. It sounds like you have such a nice summer anyhow...though I'm not sure I can fathom getting up that early!! I think it's awesome that you are doing that!

Your sets all look so cool--I would have trouble choosing as well. Sending some sunshine your way (can't believe I can actually say that!)

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I am so going to check out the beach theme. I decided to do a beach theme this year, since I go to Hawaii 4 times a year to see my husband. My in-coming firsties are already talking about Hawaii, so cute. Thank you.

Wolfelicious said...

Have a blast at the meet up. I wish I could have went. Maybe next time.


YearntoLearn said...

Wowza, you've been on the go!
Have fun at the Meet Up.

Yearn to Learn Blog


Have fun at the meet up! Wish I lived closer to go.

The Teacher's Backpack

Kim said...

Hey Jen:
Whenever I read your posts, I end up TIRED!
Honestly, you accomplish SO much!
I think I'll have another cup of coffee and ponder my To Do list...

Sending you some California sunshine and wishes for an oh-so-fun meet-up!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Barbara said...

I haven't been to a drive-in in years and years and years! We don't have one around here anymore :( I have great kid memories of them, though :)
Enjoy your summer you crazy girl (referring to boot camp here!!!)

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

oh' boy said...

yay you linked up... I am with you on the new furniture... we need new furniture and I am trying to convince the hubs that I need to get new furniture before we put the house on the market... he is not in agreement... super sad face :(

Tamera Wilson said...

You Go Girl! This lady hasn't seen 5:30 a.m. many times in her life, but I admire you. I am more of a night owl. Been doing Zumba at 6 & 7 @ night. :)

My husband & I used to go to the drive-in all the time when we were dating. Now there are NO drive ins close by. Maybe when I retire I will open one.

Stop by my blog sometime.

Mrs. McDowell said...
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Mrs. McDowell said...
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