Dear First Graders

Hi y'all!!!

Can you tell it's summer time already here?! hehe...That's how I spent my weekend - going to Sea World and then my friend and I on our Sunday Beachday with our girls...B is already a beach lover, my little Sandmonster, and A couldn't be happier - in fact, this morning I said, "Autumn, are you ready to go to school so you can see Daddy??" (when he gets off work he comes to work to pick the girls up from me).
Her response?
"No Mommy, I want to go to the beach to see my friends!" 
haha! Now, THAT'S my girl!!

And since I'm in beach and sea life mode, I feel the burning sensation to make a summer-themed center pack! lol...


So, last week, we started writing to the 1st graders, letting them know what to expect in 2nd grade.

I found the planning pages from Jodi. She has them for K, 1st, and 2nd. They're great!

click the pic to go check her out!

We're writing to one of my favorite teachers in 1st....but she has this Beanie Baby Bear, I created a letter template with some teddy bear clip art for her to enjoy -  ha!

Click the pic to download if you want it!

I have to show you something....

Do you see what both of these letters have in common?? 
I'll give you another look...go ahead :)

They both talk about how doing the monthly quilts is one of their favorite things...ha! Love it!! What monthly quilts??

THESE monthly quilts that I got from Reagan.

I'm sharing this with you because....well, not only do I LOVE them too!! lol..but well, I feel like Reagan can use this as my apology. lol
You see, I emailed her these pictures and would you believe she got the email something like 56 times?!?!

lol..Maybe it was in the 40s, but the number 56 is really sticking in my head for some reason. lol. I can only imagine that it was DRIVING her CUH-RAY-ZEE to hear her phone go off like that! lol.
So maybe if y'all go check it out for the TpT sale - that'll help make up my annoyance to her - haha!!

All I can say is that at LEAST it wasn't like when Squirrels texted her at like 4:00 in the morning!! lol


So, I got my Cinderella pack uploaded to both TN and TPT!!!

It's 81 pages of great stuff!

I feel the need to do another giveaway?? lol...sure, why not?!  

Go to THIS post to enter!!

Hope y'all had a great Monday!!


Krista Happ said...

I love writing letters to the next years kiddos! It is always one of my favorite end of the year activities and a great way to assess all that the kids remember and loved the most from second grade!

The Second Grade Superkids

Traci Clausen said...

I'm SO envious of your beach days.
Dragonflies in First

Suzy Q said...

We always do this, too. It was hilarious to read the letters from last year as lots of the students said to watch out for the teacher's evil eye death glare. Apparently I should have trademarked that phrase! (And I needed it last year, that's for sure!) Haven't used it once this year. Hmmmm...

Had to grab the bear paper for our Teddy Bear Day activities. Thanks!

Jen R said...

I thought some of you could use it for your teddy bear days too! :)

Unknown said...

It was 52 times! :) But you are totally forgiven!!! At first I thought the letters were all different and that you had WAY TOO MANY STUDENTS that all loved the quilts but as soon as I opened the second batch of attachments I knew something was haywire!!
I am sad that the quilting is over. I love those fun lessons. My wall is going to be so ugly again without them! Thanks for being so wonderfully sweet. I love you 52 times a million!

Miss Squirrels said...

Technology doesn't like to cooperate with Reagan, does it?
I am going to send her a 52 word email...but all 52 words will be in separate emails and she will have to piece it together....who am i kidding, I don't have time for that!
I know- I'll text her at 3am and pretend to be Holly:) hee hee

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