Math Centers and Pay for Performance

Ok y'all....

This is going to be a short post (but with lots of sidebar convo! Sorry about that - ha!).

It was beautiful outside today (I'm thinking it MAY be a beach day tomorrow!! whoop, whoop!!), but I did manage to get my math centers for next week finished! whew! I have to get my stuff ready to print by Saturdays because I print them at the UPS store and they're closed Sundays...psht! lol

We're starting our Topic 13 next week (enVision, anyone??)...well, reviewing since I've pretty much already taught that topic throughout the year. So, while I'm busy teaching Topic 12 (capacity...STUPID that they teach customary and metric in the same topic...really??? AND in all of FIVE lessons. ha!!) in whole group and small group, my kids can be reviewing these skills in centers...

There are 4 centers for students to practice place value in 10s and 100s, as well as skip counting.

- Place value with the Hundreds - matching numbers to place value blocks...This can also be used as a Read the Room or a game of Scoot!

- Changing Numbers with Tens and Hundreds - 10 more/less with tens and/or hundreds, and 100 more/less with hundreds

- Missing Numbers with Tens and Hundreds

- Skip counting 2s, 5s, and 3s

This is great for 2nd/3rd grade, but 1st graders will be able to do a lot of it too!

38 pages for $2

But I just got Michelle's new Pudgy Clipart - isn't it cute?!?

I think these might be my last centers for a while - well, besides Easter/ I know I've been crankin' out a lot lately, and I still have so many more ideas! :) But now report cards are due soon, and I've STILL got to write more on my PGP - which is also stupid because I had a senior intern AND I was gone for 2 months, so how my kids are doing is not really a reflection on how I'm teaching...ah!! Whatever. At least it's a trial year for this new system - anyone else out there on this Pay for Performance deal??? Yeah - how are we supposed to do peer evaluations if I'm teaching the same time my teammates are - and in my plannings, I have meetings?!!? AND how are they going to have money to fund this, when they can't fund paying our National Board Certified Teachers (I'm included in that!) or they keep cutting our budgets for "extras" like copies! lol
Sorry, I got on my soapbox...but I'd love to hear how it's going if you're in an area that does Pay for Performance.


Gladys said...

Love your cute! I have a love/hate relationship with EnVision..sometimes I wonder what were they thinking?!?


Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Envision...I am not even going there.

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Stacy said...

I have missed you! How is it getting back to school? Do you do math stations? There is a book on Steinhouse...I think from Debbie Diller on Mathstations. I was doing a workshop aproach but I am thinking I want to do Math stations.

I LOVE your stuff and everything you make!

Now, go to the beach and relax!

2nd Grade Paradise

Pocketful of Littles said...

I used enVision last year and hated it! I have not touched it since we are doing Common Core its no really point

Ms. Patterson

You unit looks great

Pocket Full of Kinders

Unknown said...

We have Envision also. This is our third year with this series. Ugh!! The first year with this series was something else.

The Place Value packet looks awesome!


Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

Hi Jen -

Can you please email me when you get a moment?


Cathy Stupar said...

Hey Jen, Just wondering your opinion about Envision Math. I'm on my districts math committee. We've been using Everyday Math for 15 years and are looking for a program that fits better with the "all important" common core. Any thoughts about Envision?

Kelley Cirrito said...

We do not use Envision Math, but it is the new "thing" in Kansas so I am just waiting for the announcement that we will be doing it next year.I love the place value centers. My kids always need a review of place value. Have a great Sunday!

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