Oops! And Last Day of Sale!

OH MY Land....
If you downloaded my Scoot game yesterday, please check to see if you downloaded the version with the numbers on the word cards...lol. It kind of helps the game out a little if the cards are numbered, huh?? yeesh!
If you need the one with numbers, here's yesterday's post's link so you can go redownload. I caught it about an hour after I posted it.

yeesh...sorry about that.

Don't forget - today is the last day of my "ONE" day sale!

I appreciate everyone who has taken advantage! And I'm loving the feedback!

Happy Saturday!
I was kind of hoping for a rainy day today....there's rain in the forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow is my beach day -  pfft! Though I LOVE rainy days, I prefer them NOT on my beach days...lol.

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Kelley Cirrito said...

Omg Jen! I can't believe I missed your sale! Things have just been crazy lately. I just haven't been in the right state of mind. I hope this week is better. I know you will have a sale again so I will definitely have to get something then! Happy Sunday!

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