Dr. Seuss Feet, Tongues, and Cats!

Bare with me...it's a long one :)
But in the end, you'll find out about the cat shoes!! So it'll be worth it, right?!

Today was crazy socks day...can you guess which TWO books we read??

p.s....there are 2 different versions apparently. A has a version that is different from the one in my room. I can recite A's book by memory we read it so much, but the book in my classroom did NOT match..hmmm...

We turned one of my Dr. Seuss Centers into a read around the room. They had to find the matching antonym....they love doing read around the room.

And for math, we did some measuring. Why are they all SO eager to measure the teacher's foot - eewww!! lol

Like my M&M socks??? makes me want to bust out in song...I think I will - hehe

ok - let's regroup....lol

And darn it if I don't have any pictures of them measuring their foot with a ruler...got a phone call right then and I missed it all! boo!

But here's a pic of their crazy socks..or mismatched shoes :)

Then, for writing, I read one of my favorite books

and then we made tongue twisters!

hehe...here's mine....and yes, I roasted a roach because our school is a breeding ground it seems...lol!

So, today at our faculty meeting, we were informed that the church down the street from us (who we work with all the time), has raised money and sponsored OUR SCHOOL for this project...

What this program does is give a backpack of food to a student to send home every weekend to help feed that family!! How awesome is that?!!?  They raised $4,000 for our families!!!! That's crazy!! It takes about $150 for each family for the school year, so you can imagine what what we can do with that money for the kids in our school!! That is so exciting!!!

And last, but not least, I was awarded THIS fabulous award!!

Top 10 TBA

from Jessica over at

Glitzy in 1st Grade


Oh wait, I guess that's NOT it...

Yesterday, I got SOOO many questions about THESE shoes!

I bought them many moons ago (ok, like YEARS ago), so I did some research...

HERE  is the site I bought them from (I THINK), thought I don't think I would have actually paid that much for them...my next stop?? Dr. Seuss CHUCKS!

LOOK at all their options now!! I MUST have some!!!

Last night, we were ALL in bed by 8:45, so I didn't get ANY work done on my Gooney Bird stuff, so hopefully tonight, I can finish it...just gotta convince hubs to be my hand model for pictures! lol..Yes, his hands are better than mine since I've been a nail biter since I was 7...and NOTHING works on getting me to quit...I'm really wanting to try hypnosis...but how do I search for one in my area?!?! Any ideas?!!?

Ok, off to get A ready for bed!
Hope y'all had a Terrific Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Looks like your kids a a lot of fun!

First Grade Blue SKies

Jessica Laurine said...

I NEED those Converse! So cute and my kiddos would totally get a kick out of them :)

The Littlest Scholars

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

I definitely need those Converse shoes!!!

Love all the socks in your class...hope it wasn't too smelly! Lol!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Looks like a fun day!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad to see you are enjoying your time back with your kiddos. You are an inspiration! Keep up all of the great work.

Love M&M video. Needed that tonight :)


Fun in Room 4B

Unknown said...

Hi Jen! Looks like such a fun day! LOVE the M&M commercial. Your girls are.. SO adorable! Thanks for posting pics.

Take Care!

Melanie Conger said...

Those converse are way cuter than the ones I found! I will be ordering another pair for sure! Thanks for sharing, always love your creativity!

First Grade Brain Sprinkles

Traci Clausen said...

What a fabulous day for those kiddos.

LOVE that I'm sexy and I know it commercial!

Fabulous tongue twister idea. Gonna steal it. :P
Dragonflies in First

Jill said...

YES! I love that you love that commercial.

Marvelous Multiagers!

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Thanks for sharing! It looks like your kiddos are having lot of fun and are glad you're back (-;

And I just HAVE to laugh about the feet fetish. I had a student one year (a boy) who would beg me to let him look at my feet or touch my feet. I was thoroughly grossed out and really embarrassed. I wear high heels everywhere...because I need height..especially when I was working in middle school...those kids are giant!!

Anywho, I started wearing slippers in the classroom because my feet were such a distraction to him for some reason...it will FOREVER haunt me. I hate to think of that fetish getting worse as he ages...ewwww!

Thanks for the laugh, the cute pics, & the link to the converse store...must get some of those!!


The 3AM Teacher

Casey Wiggins said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I LOVE the shoes! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award! Seems like the kiddos had fun measuring!!! What a great fundraiser! I loe the backpack idea and the support of the community.

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

LOL! I loved that commercial and now I need some new shoes! Those are perfect but somehow I don't think they would be considered appropriate at my school. Humpf!

Congrats on your award. Did you get a check? (Sorry I had the Grinch in my head!).

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Barbara said...

Come on over :) I have a sweet surprise for you !

Grade ONEderful

Heather's Heart said...

I LOVE this post and shared about feet yesterday on my blog!

You are too sweet and funny!

Don't forget you still need to pick out 2 items from my TpT store...I hope you got my email. =)

Heather's Heart

Heather's Heart said...

I just sent you an email about going to shop at my TpT store....let me know if you get it!

Heather's Heart

Heather's Heart said...

Did you get the reply to the email you sent me?

Heather's Heart

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