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Wowsa!  Y'all are off for one day, and I took a day away from blogging and holy cow, do I have some catching up to do!!! ha! I love it! But that's what I get for having to work for these last two days I guess. ha! In fact, my husband came and asked me if I wanted to go driving around and looking at Christmas lights...and do you know what I did??? I looked at my watch and was thinking - yeesh! I'd rather catch up on my blogs that I've been missing up on - lol..but alas I didn't DARE say that to him. In fact, he made a bet with me that on the way home from Sea World last night, I wouldn't be able to NOT look at my phone...well, I don't bet, but I TOTALLY lost that one! ha! Had to keep up on google reader - sending myself emails of the blogs I needed to revisit so I can comment (p.s. - still haven't even DENTED the list between last night and today's postings - yeesh!). But I'm glad I'm not the only one - Thank you REAGAN and KRISTIN for admitting your addictions too! ha! anyone else out there???

First, let me show you what my sweet teammate made for me for Christmas!!! I have been wanting these ever since I saw them on Pinterest a few months ago....I just love it! Thanks, Melissa!

Also, did you see my snowglobe pic??? check it out {HERE}. But I HAVE to show you the pic from Santa...ok, we don't usually buy the theme-park pictures because they are SERIOUSLY overpriced...but HOW could we pass this one up??

Ok...now, some of you are on break already - yay for you!! ha! But I have to tell you that I am NOT kicking and screaming that my kids are being HORRIBLE...in fact - I LIKE my kids still...I don't know how I got so lucky this year...seriously.

But I want to THANK YOU (all you fabulous TpT makers) for planning my 2-day week for me (especially since I have SO much on my plate right now to get ready for my maternity leave)...from the units I have purchased, to the freebies I have gotten, my days are running smoothly...Here, take a look...

These are the center math games from Yvonne's (Sassy in Second) TpT unit.

This one is Kathy's (First Grade A-La Carte) Beary Merry Christmas Unit. But I actually got this one during her 12 Days of Christmas "game!" Yes!

And this one, is an oldy, but goodie of mine. And it can be adapted to any way, shape, or form.
I used our Tree Die Cut at school to make the trees, and then I had my FABulous parent volunteer (whose girls I no longer have, but they love me still, and I {heart} them too!) cut out the ornaments. There's no pattern, I just free-handed an example and she did the rest...just make sure you DON'T cut them in half, because you want them to lift up. 

I randomly picked five numbers, which they wrote on the ornaments, then they lifted them and wrote math problems that equaled that number. 

And these are their parent gifts...seriously??? I'm just glad I was able to do them...with everything I have to get finished before I go on maternity leave (RIGHT when EVERYTHING is due -ah!!), it was really hard for me to think about this craft...thank you to the dozens of puzzle pieces I have laying around for being there for me! lol

And today we started our Polar Express "unit." I say unit, but it's only going to be 2 days, so not really a unit per se.
However, my head was pounding (slept on my neck wrong..ugh!) and I couldn't see straight, so there was NO WAY I was going to be able to read that long book with some great enthuiasm...so I turned to my trusty computer, and voila!
Storyonline.net came to the rescue with a book reading of The Polar Express, read to us by Lou Diamond Phillips! holla!!
After we "read" the book, we had to do a connection to the story...see??? Still being educational here. ha!
I recently purchased Reagan's Geometry Quilt, and now I'm addicted to quilts! ha! And my kids love doing them too :) I used the train die cut at our school, it was MASSIVE, so we had to do two quilts, since the squares had to be larger. But they wrote about what they would choose for their First Gift of Christmas.

Also, I want to THANK a few people for giving me an award!

Thank you to:

Buggy for 2nd Grade
isn't her new button C.U.T.E?! And I LOVE ladybugs, so now I love her even more :)

she gave me the Liebster award
  (this one is given to blog with less than 200 - and I'm only 19 away from 200!!! woohoo!! Almost there!)

And THANK YOU to Dragonflies in First! (I couldn't get her button to work-poo!) for giving me the Sunshine Award!!

There are so many blogs out there to recognize these days...I don't know how to do it right now...so I'm not. I know - I'm such a rule breaker. But I can't help it - I don't think it would be fair to leave some out just because I can't think straight right now! lol. But please go check these girls out!!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Christmas Break....and before my maternity leave. I'm sure I will have a post for tomorrow...but I have to say that I'm hoping to not lose out on my new blogging world that I have come to love!! I am soooo super excited to meet our baby girl - Brooklynn, she should be here between Christmas and New Years.

Until tomorrow - Happy Teaching!! (or in most of y'alls case - Happy Lounging! ha!)

Ok, I'm off to see if I can make a dent in my list of blogs to go comment on  :)


Unknown said...

your post was C.R.A.Z.Y! Did that take you hours? you sure had a lot on your mind!!! I love the shout outs! THANK YOU! Don't stress about responding...you will have time waiting for baby!

Erika said...

Love the picture with Santa and in the snow globe! Oh, so wish I was close to Sea World. I pinned the tree with the ornament facts for next year. Thanks for sharing.
2B Honey Bunch

Jen R said...

ha! Quite honestly, the longest part of that post was the silly pictures - WHY does it take TEN YEARS to upload pictures!? yeesh! lol

Jill said...

I hate when I read a blog on my phone that I want to comment on!!! Or I see an idea and I know I will NEVER remember where it was so I can find it later!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Louise Morgan said...

I LOVE the puzzle piece ornament idea! Hope you don't mind, but I "pinned" it on Pinterest (gave you all the credit though)! Last year we did the Polar Express for our Christmas story - the train quilt is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Loved your post today :) Love the pics!

The snowglobe and Santa looked like a very special moment :)

How exciting that you get to meet your baby really soon! I'm going to visit my friend who had her baby a week ago sometime the next few days. Already have her present ready for baby Gwen!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

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