Nights of Lights

As you read in my last {POST}, the little family and I were headed up to St. Augustine for our annual trip during the Christmas is SO beautiful this time of year up there. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short because not only did my husband get sick, my daughter woke up in the middle of the night unable to breath through her nose and AB. SO. LUTE. LY, instead of getting our friends and their kids sick, we headed home early :( I must have an immune system like a rock! Could it be all the vitamins I take every night?? No lie - I'm like an old person with all my pills. I even have one of those weekly pill box holder-thingies for me to fill up each week. HA!! I keep telling Mr. Spouse to take his vitamins, but he refuses...until he feels like he's getting sick, and by that point, it's too late...oh well. Maybe one day he'll learn that I'm always right! hahaha! promised, here are some pictures to show you why you need to go up there (or as in most of y'alls case - DOWN there or OVER there..ha!) during this time of year. I have to apologize that they are a little blurry, I was taking pictures without the flash to see the beautiful-ness of the lights at night...BUT we were on the trolly, so I wasn't able to get a steady shot. But Hopefully, you'll get the idea :) p.s. - these pictures do NOT do it justice! 

Bridge of Lions that connects downtown to the beach side

the courtyard downtown

another of the courtyard

Lightener Museum

and my BEE-A-UUUUU-TIFUL college, Flagler College! 
Lighthouse - my husband HAD to go see this since it's was on Ghost
At the lighthouse - we both brought our Marshall shirts on the trip, unknowingly, so we matched! But it was perfect since they won their bowl game! woohoo! Go HERD!

     Yes, I'm a Florida girl, but I was born in Huntington. You know?? The home of the crash in '74? You don't know what I'm talking about?? Have you seen the movie - We Are Marshall?? With Matthew McConaughey??? NO??? GO rent it!! 

It's such a great movie (and he's not bad to watch either - ha!). And my mom actually knew some of the REAL characters in the movie, as did my grandparents. I still have family up there, and a lot of them have gone to Marshall. Although I never did, I still have my "inherited" connection to the school.

Hope you all are enjoying your break. (or are getting ready to enjoy it!). I think I have finally caught up on my stalking/commenting. Hard to tell though, since I have found so many new blogs out there! Although there are a few linky parties I want to link up to, but we will see if I have the motivation to actually go find the recipes I want to!!

OH! Speaking of which, I have been given the Liebster award by two more fabulous girls!

Thank you to:

Amy over at Library Momma

and Chrissy over at

Go check these ladies out and get their followers up! :) 

 Ok, I'm off to go make chicken noodle soup for my little sickies...or maybe I'll make Matzo Ball soup! yum!!

OMGOSH!! Just totally realized it's my 100th post!! Wish I had something to do a giveaway with - but I already gave my stuff as freebies!! ha!! Hmmm....I'll have to think about this one...but I'm also SOOO close to 200 followers!! That's worth a giveaway too!! AND Brooklynn is due ANY day (well, next week - between Christmas and New Years), and that's worth celebrating too!! WoW! Lots to celebrate - I'll have to think about this one...I'll get back to you! ha!


Kristin said...

Sorry to hear about your little girl and the Mister. :( You keep taking all of your pills!
Those lights look awesome and I love We Are Marshall. So cool that you're connected to it.
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Kristen said...

aw, I hope your family is feeling better now! What a beautiful sight those lights must be!! I had to tell you, I recognized that lighthouse from Ghost Hunters and was like "Hey!". How cool! Happy vacation to you!

Stacy said...

Great Movie!! ...and what a Christmas gift you are getting ready to receive huh? Congrats again! ...and I hope your vitamins keep the ickies away!
2nd Grade Paradise

Erika said...

So beautiful! You probably don't get sick because of all the germs you're exposed to at school...and the vitamins! I love my weekly pill container. HA!
2B Honey Bunch

Barbara said...

Ooooo, pretty lights!

Grade ONEderful

Kelley Cirrito said...

I just finally sent you that addition and subtraction stuff! I hope your kids enjoy doing those activities! Amy makes amazing stuff, she is very creative!

Kelley Cirrito said...

Oh and I put your button on my blog! :)

Jen R said...

thanks ladies! I am definitely making sure to take my vitamins now! don't need to get sick while getting ready to go into labor- ha! I am hoping tonight is better, but somehow I doubt it...she's already gotten up once crying because she can't breathe still :(
kelley- thank you! I really do need to update my buttons on here...I need to add all the ones I've been finding lately :)

sofroggie4u said...

Your blog is amazing. I love it. I just read your post about going to St. Augustine and my hubby laughed that I wanted to see the lighthoue for the same reason your hubby did. I love Ghost Hunters!! Plus I know where Hunington is...I live a couple hours away in Ohio.

Qasim Khan said...

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