Top 3 Linky with a LOT of Thank Yous!!

My mom finally made it in from Colorado! So, now our Christmas Cookie baking festivities have begun!  And now, Brooklynn can officially make her entrance into this world at ANY moment that she puh-leeeeez!?

Oh, I know some of you have said you are "jealous" of our Christmas at the Beach tradition - (HERE'S the post), but I have to tell you....I am SOOOO jealous of all of you with a white Christmas. What I wouldn't give to go play in the snow on Christmas day....sigh....And also, we were watching Fraggle Rock (remember that show?!!? It was my all time favorite growing up, and now, thanks to The HUB, my daughter can watch it too!)...anyway, I digress - lol. Apparently, it even gets cold down in Fraggle Rock for Christmas!! WHAT?! I was SO jealous when I saw that! lol.

You know how much I love Linky Parties!
I am joining in with Fern Smith's Top Three Most Viewed Posts Linky Party! (maybe this will get me to my 200 followers so I can do my giveaway???)

I don't have impressive numbers like some of you, but for me, I am SUPER excited that I have any over 1,000 =)

Here are my top three



and my #1 post....

All things Gingerbread, inspirations and freebies! 


Also, can I just say....I just found out that I am the winner of  Jamie's HUGE giveaway!!
Do you follow her?? Go check her out!

I want to say THANK YOU to all the donors!! (I'm going to try and put all their buttons on here so you can go check them out too!)


Primary Inspiration

Teaching in the Early Years
Life In Special Education

Creative Classroom


The Wise Owl Factory Book a Day Blog

Fun in First

Lisa's TPT store (no teaching blog) 

 Heather from Hojo's Teacher Store

And for my other Thank Yous!!

Jessica, over at The Littlest Scholars, has such a cute freebie with pirates! It was a little young for my 2nd graders, and she offered me the blank versions so I could make my own! AW - thank you Jessica! I just LOVE pirates! and Ladybugs....and Dr. Seuss! lol. Good thing their all red, black, and white! lol
She has now posted those versions for everyone too!
Go check her out!
p.s...she just left for a little cruise vacay (JEALOUS!), so I'm sure she'd love a little surprise of new followers and comments when she came back! :)

Littlest Scholars

And Diana Cole from Cole's Little Pups has such a CUTE Jan Brett activity for her Three Snow Bears book. She's wanting to be able to adapt her units to go up to 2nd grade, so she let me make a few suggestions for her future units. Go check her out - she's got some SUPER cute stuff! (I didn't see a button to grab, so just click on her blog's name for the link!)

There are so many others out there I want to thank! I am so glad to have found this little bloggy community, and am so appreciative of all your support and words of encouragement. I have found some great bloggy friends, and I love how you guys CRACK. ME. UP!! (Kristin, Reagan, and Kim, JUST to name a few! But there are SO many more out there. I could just make a HUGE list of everyone I stalk appreciate on a daily basis...oh wait. I have! Check out my newly updated blog button roll on the left!)
And I have another Thank You to post about, but I'm waiting to get it in the mail so I can take pictures of it to go along with the post.
And probably, the most selfish thank you I want to say is that  I love all of the comments I get from you all. lol. No seriously. It really brightens my day whenever I see a comment in my email! Sometimes I read them a few times :) Is that wrong?! lol And I try to respond to all of the comments - usually by responding my email. Have you gotten them!? I hope so! I do it that way because I'm usually on my phone and it's easier than going to your blog and making a comment. Geez. I really hope you're getting them. Now I'm feeling bad. I might have to start making it over to the computer to make sure I go comment on your blog! lol. 


Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Love your blog! :)

Unknown said...

I found my Camera (in the car), took pics, and sent you a package earlier today :)

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Unknown said...

Here are the GOOD pics :)

Barbara said...

Oh cool linky party. I'll have to join in later ~ still have family here :) so I'm just sneaking out to get my blog fix. But when I link up, I'll have that Baileys for you, Jen -- tee hee -- maybe even two, if you like!

Grade ONEderful

Doris Young said...

What a cute blog you have! Thanks for commenting on mine. I love hearing back from my blog friends too! Best of luck to you at this special time! I hope you can keep us posted after Brooklynn's arrival. (Love the name by the way!)
Doris at thirdgradethinkers8

Kelley Cirrito said...

Omg I loved Fraggle Rock!!! It was one of my favorites growing up! Thank you for always leaving such nice messages on my blog!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

Thank you for linking up at my linky party and sending people my way! I love your blog! I am now follower #195 ~ you are almost there! I really love your Beach Christmas post and left a comment there too!
Happy New Year,
Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

Congrats on winning a fabulous giveaway!!! It is blogs like yours that make me think I might want to venture to the lower grades at some point!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Jaime said...

What a nice post!!!! That was sweet of you to put links to the other donor's blogs!!! Glad you are thrilled about your winnings! : )


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