Today we visited Italy....after I saw a post from Buggy for Second Grade, I knew I just HAD to do Italy. I had never heard of Old Befana, and I'm so glad I saw Kelley's post. And I'm even more glad that my passport for my students was blank...I think I've changed my mind about two of the countries so far from my original plan...but that's what good teachers do write?? They're able roll with the flow when they see a FABulous idea, right? ha!!
We read this book (thank you to my friend for getting me her mom's copy on such short notice since our public library is really slow in putting books on hold! ha!)

It was so cool to figure out that they basically had a witch for Santa...though she's not REALLY a witch. And it really is kind of cool how it ties into our "Reason for the Season" as well...although, I could explain who the Child King was, I had to be careful about actually getting "preachy."
 So, for their souvenir, I wanted them to try another modality of art...framing a picture using a window, like they were looking out of their window for was supposed to look something like this....

So cute! And they put a caption on the window - Old Befana, January 6th.
But most of them put their Befana right SMACK dab in the middle so the frame was covering their picture.....AND this was WAY difficult for a lot of them (to do the 4 squares) I told them to just cut out a frame (and even THAT was hard for some of them - oy ve!). But they came out cute just the same. I think I found another favorite country to do - thank you, Kelley! :)

Jennifer over at Rowdy in First just had a post that showed her snow art in frames...they were cute too! Check them out HERE. of my friends I taught with in 3rd grade (who now teaches 5th) introduced me to this thing called Create a Zoo.  So fun! We do it at the end of the year every year. But she also created a project for them to do called Create a North Pole. It's so much fun! I did it with my 3rd graders, and I'm sure that 2nd graders can do it, and maybe even 1st graders if you did it together. 
When I taught 3rd grade, they did it in groups together, and I know that's how my friend does it in 5th grade too.
They have to add certain details to the North Pole, but there are clues as to what can be where or next to what...It really makes them think, and there are ALL kinds of different ways to figure it out. Click the picture to grab a copy :)

Happy Teaching!!

Only 2 more HALF days and then I'm off for 2 months!!! While this sounds great, still have all kinds of stuff to get finished. Oy Vey! haha!

Let me know what you think of the freebie - I love getting your comments!


Unknown said...

I love your North Pole activity!

Pitner's Potpourri

Cupcake said...

I will sooo be doing the North Pole activity this week! Thanks girl!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I've never seen anything like it before, but it looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing!

meghan said...

That North Pole activity is great. Can't wait to use it next week! Thank you!


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