Responding to comments, Elf Applications, and Our travels to Sweden

So, I have been searching and searching for a post that I saw that explained how to set up your profile so that you can get replies to your comments you make on blogs. Like when you post a comment to my blog, and I get the notification in my email, I can just hit reply and it will get sent to your email (as opposed to having to go back to the post and reply on the actual post, that way you can reply directly to the person)...I have my profile set up that enables me to get a "reply" from y'all when you reply to one of my comments on your posts. And I always try to reply to your comments, but I don't know if y'all are getting them or not. I know some of you are because you respond back to me. (thank you by the way! I love getting replies! haha) But I can't, for the life of me, remember how to set up your profile to enable that and I can't remember who posted about it - was it you!?!?! If it was, will you comment with the link so I can post that??? Or do you remember who it was (in case they aren't following me and don't see this post) and you can send me their link???? I'd very much appreciate it! :)

Before I show you our fun stuff we did today, can I tell you how having to give a district science test in the middle of this week is NOT my idea of fun. Really??? How crazy is that? I've already given the FAIR and the district math test, but we also need to do a science test?? Luckily, it didn't take long and most of them passed with flying colors (well, there's a girl who I would LOVE to vent about on
Anyway, to the fun stuff.
A long time ago, I found this cute elf application...and while I can't find the ORIGINAL place I found it, I did find the most recent post with it attached to it - the application from the fabulous First Grade Parade.  But we did our own take on the elves...First we read this book...and did a lot of "oohhh....he can use THAT talent when he becomes Santa." ha!

Then it was time for us to apply for a job. We've already done this as reindeer (click HERE to see that post....oh wait - you can't, because THAT was the week that my google accounts were mysteriously disabled so I didn't get to post anything we did in our class! lol)
For this activity, I only gave them the tracers for the head, hat, and ears. I'm trying really hard to teach them independent art skills. They had to figure out everything else...and let me tell you, I think I spent just a 1/2 an hour talking about how to put the red paper under the arms and legs so you can draw your mittens and shoes to "fit" them. That was like THE hardest thing for them to grasp. But eventually, they got it...whew! And I love how they each came out so differently. I glued the actual written part on the red paper, and then glued the top of the front of the application on top so you can lift it to read the written part.

And even better....
Yesterday, I found out I was one of the five winners in the Bama Giveaway
which included a free TpT item from these fabulous blogs!

Castles and Crayons

First Grade Blue Skies

Oceans of First Grade Fun


Needless to say, I was SUPER excited!!
One of the things I asked for from Sarah was her Christmas Around the World unit. It is so cute!!! Go check it out!! I thought this would be a great addition to my own activities that I am already doing.  Check out my Israel and Mexico posts where you can also grab my passport. Well, today we were supposed to visit Germany, but I wasn't quite sure which craftivity I wanted to do; I had a few swimming around in my head. But when I read Sarah's info she gives in her packet, I decided to change our flight plan altogether - hehe. I was intrigued by the information on Sweden, so that's where we were headed! I didn't have anything ready from her unit, so I improvised and made my own, but I did use her unit as my basis for the activity. My kids were so tickled by what I was telling them..hehe. I think Sweden is one of my new favorites!

Our souvenirs from visit to Sweden...

I found this picture online, which I used as their stamp for Sweden, so I had them make their hats to match. They are so cute!

My original post , I gave you the stamps for the countries that we were visiting on our travels, but Sweden wasn't included. Click {HERE} for the stamps we used today for Sweden. (p.s. - these are NOT the ones that are in Sarah's unit, but since I already started with certain pictures, I didn't want to change my "system" for this year. It's the OCD in

Hope you guys have a great night!! Tomorrow is Friday, and the last day for some of you, right??? We have three more HALF days, which means, I need to be ready for my maternity sub in that time! ahhh!!! And they haven't officially told me who they hired yet either (although I'm hoping they chose my intern that just finished up in my room, since she knows all my systems and such).
Happy Teaching!


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I like the Elf Application project, kids will surely have a lot of fun with it. All those smiles, this is what makes teaching very wonderful.

Jen R said...

aw - thank you! :)

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