If we weren't all crazy, we would go .....

Anyone know that song?! It's a classic Jimmy Buffett song. I was raised on him - my parents and I are official "parrot heads!" lol...no seriously - when I turned 16, we were in Costa Rica and a parrot came and sat on my head! See?? Parrothead!

ANYway!! This week has been CU-RAY-ZEEE!!! It all started with my Monday when my child decided to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning and then that night, my Google accounts were disabled - gone- blocked - whatever you want to call it, to make me (and many of you!) freak out!! (p.s. - I STILL don't know what happened!) lol. Tuesday and Wednesday are a blur, but I know they weren't my favorite days either. And today, it was like our school was in the twilight zone. I swear! Everytime I turned around, there was a kid, somewhere in some grade, acting crazy or getting into trouble. lol. And even MY class (though I love them to death!!) was getting on my nerves today. Oh, holy cow!!

AND to top it off...As I have been writing this post, our computer has randomly shut off like 3 times!! WHAT is going on!?! lol. And I can't use the laptop because Mr. Spouse takes that to work with him - and guess who's working today?? So I'm stuck at home with a computer that keeps shutting down so I can't blog...or do anything else for work...which I guess I should be doing instead of blogging, right?? lol

And to top it off?? I am TOTALLY stressing! We only have EIGHT days until break!! Yes, I have a countdown - as do most of you. But my countdown is NOT a good thing....because that means that I only have EIGHT days to get ready for my maternity leave!!! Do you KNOW how much stuff I have to get finished in EIGHT days?!?! Lesson plans, report cards, possible retention list (eek!!!), PGP reports (our districts new evaluation system-fun stuff!), the list could go on...and on... Deep breath, Jen...lol LUCKILY I have fabulous friends and great blogs to read to keep me going - y'all crack me up! I love reading your posts! (in case you couldn't tell - I always have to comment on them hehe). And without my friends??? I'd definitely go insane!!!

Anywhosit! Back to school stuff! :) Sorry, just had to vent - whew! I'm finished...for now.

wait.....no Im not!!

ahhhhhh!!!!! Attempt #4 in writing this post...sorry, I won't be able to show off our fun stuff this week - tonight anyway. Hopefully when Mr. Spouse gets home from work tomorrow morning, he can fix this computer!)

OMGosh!! I think I should go laminate to calm my nerves. Oh wait - that's technology too. Something might go wrong with that too! lol

And I have been awarded some fabulous awards!!! Thank you so much!! I DEFinitely am grateful for them THIS week of all weeks!! When the computer is fixed, I will acknowledge them properly :)


Unknown said...

Hope tomorrow is better!!! And 8 days till maternity leave! That's so exciting! I loved the laminate to calm your nerves...you complete me laminator. Not even joking. I would live in a world of plastic happiness if allowed.

Barbara said...

You're funny :)

Delighted said...

That is some serious craziness!!! I'm so glad that you are back. Kinda weird also about your computer shutting down! :-(

First Grade Delight

Lisa said...

Run your virus program immediately and do a full scan to make sure you don't have a virus. Also, do a defrag (under System Tools) if you run a pc. Hope this helps!

Kristen said...

Hi Jen, I hope things are going better tech-wise. I am laughing right now--laminating calms me down too!!

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