Gingerbread Math and Science

"Mrs. Ross - you are the best teacher ever! Thank you for doing such fun things with us!"

Yes...that was said to me today...make my heart melt. =)

We did a few more gingerbread food activities was to take one bite of a gingerbread man cookie (that the Mr made!! ok, well, he started it, but then was getting frustrated because he wasn't using the right "tools" for the job - see honey??? I really DO need all those kitchen!) When they took a bite, I made them put down the cookie and then chart which part they ate first.

This is the chart I made - I laminated it so I can have it next year. We talked about it our data, which is a great review for our district math test next week! Double Score!

Then we did a science experiment that I got from Babbling Abby- what would happen if the Gingerbread Man DID cross the river??
Click {HERE} to go to that post of hers - it's a little blurb with a link down towards the bottom.

I made an effort to use actual science terms with my kids - observation, record data, etc. I'm tellin' ya - it was like crickets when I asked them how we could record our data...(mind you I was pointing to the box that said illustrate what he looks like! haha!)

Making Observations
And this is what happens if the Gingerbread Man tries to cross the river...

Yes, I food colored the water blue...what? It's a body of water, isn't it?! PLUS it gave us an art lesson too because they were seeing green at the bottom after a while! ha! I totally did that on purpose :)

No freebies this time :( sorry! But I'll have one for you tomorrow...I MUST go plan for next week...only 2 more weeks to plan for, then I'm off for maternity leave. I know this sounds weird, but I'm really going to miss my class - and all our fun we're having!

Happy Teaching!


Unknown said...

That's so exciting! I am glad you enjoyed the quilt!

Kristin said...

Love this activity! How fun! And it's no wonder your students love you!
PS I've heard that once that baby comes, you'll be okay without your class. :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Barbara said...

Yay! Your blogs back up. That must have been very scary for you yesterday.

Grade ONEderful

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