Christmas around the world

Hey y'all!!!

In addition to doing a lot of your units I've grabbed as freebies or have bought from your TpT stores, I am going to be doing Christmas around the world with my students. I LOVE teaching about the world - it's one of my favorite things to do - to expose my students to other cultures. As someone who loves to travel and has visited many countries and lived in Mexico for a few months, I think it is SUPER important for kids to learn about the world they live in.

I don't have any pictures of our Craftivities that we'll be doing with them, but I wanted to share the passport and stamps with you. I left the stamp part of the passport blank so you can do whatever countries you like, but I've also included the stamps that we'll be using. :)
I'll be posting the crafts throughout the week...the first one we're going to do is Hanukkah, even though it's not TECHnically Christmas, but it's still an important one (IMO) to teach and I always just like to do it first.
click {HERE} to get the passport
In the passport, there are 2 pages upside down - that is so when you know how to keep it when you put it through the copier -lol.
Click {HERE} to get the stamps
As always, I'd love to here from you if you grab these! I {SUPER PUFFY} heart comments!

Happy Teaching!


Lisa said...

What a great booklet! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda Aimone said...

That is sooo fun! I love it! Thanks for sharing. We do Italy, too. La Befana is kind of fun, and the kids get to write thank you letters to their parents like the Italian kids do. I love your stuf!

Jen R said...

ooh! I love Italy!! I might have to add that one in there next year - thanks!

Erika said...

I am passing this on to my first grade teamies since they do Christmas Around the World.
2B Honey Bunch

IFA said...

nice books. when is the new edition coming

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. Looks great!

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