Meet the Teacher!

So, we have a whole week of preplanning before the kids come in. I asked this question on my FB and IG, and I was astounded  at the amount of people who only get 1 or 2 or NO days before their kid come in. I don't get that at all.  BUT, Different strokes for different folks, right? Same goes for districts, I guess.   

Anyway, So the last few years, I've had a "station" type set up for Meet & Greet...also known as registration day. 

First, they come in and sign in that they were there.

Station 1 was for them to find their child's desk and unpack some of their supplies....and take their packet of paperwork that needs to come back on the first day of school.

Some of those forms are these: 
You can download them for free {HERE}

Station 2 was to sort the rest of their supplies.

Station 3 is for them to tell me how their child will be going home...this is super important since our whole school is filled up with little itty bitties. We only go to 2nd grade. So we have about 800 5-8 year olds. woa!  Let's talk about THAT dismissal - haha!

Station 4 is my new favorite station. I saw this idea on Soaring, A Teacher Blog.

It was brilliant.  I will forever do this at Meet & Greet now!

Station 4 was for the parents to fill out all the information that I would need...but always have a hard time reading! ha!  Like, the most common one.... email addresses!!  I can never read their writing. It's ok. I don't blame them. I have HORRIBLE writing too!

So here is was the form looked like...well... the top part anyway. There was more information on there. It was brilliant. Check out her blog post on it {HERE}.  She shows you how to set it up and everything. 

Then, Station 5 and Station 6 were together... Helping Hands and Thanks for Coming!

This is where I put some things that I would like donated on some post-it note hands.

I also have goodies for the kids and goodies for the parents.  The "Parent Involve-ment" sign comes from First Grade Owl. The fish sign comes from Little Minds at Work. My business card magnets are also there. The parents love them! I just printed them on cardstock, cut them apart, and added magnets to the back. I know some people order from VistaPrint, but it is possible for us to move around almost every I don't like to do bulk ordering. haha. Next year, my room number and phone extension will probably change!

So that was my Meet the Teacher morning. It usually runs pretty smoothly and I have most of my kids show up.... which I love! I also love that I didn't have to unpack an entire room this year and get it ready!  We have two more days before school starts. I'm excited for a new year!


Mrs. Davies said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all this Jen! Is there any way I could buy the forms you used to have parents put a sticky note on for the different types of transportation? Thanks so much!


The Designer Teacher said...

Love the magnet idea!

Years That Ask Questions

Unknown said...

We are doing open house before the first day of school for the first time this year -- so I appreciate all these ideas! Sara

Rosemarie Cozart said...

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