Individualized Spelling Lists

So, most years...the years I'm not gone for a few months because I'm on maternity leave (ha!), I usually do an Individualized Spelling List, a 3-Part Test Program.

I'm going to try and explain a little bit about it for you. It's kind of hard to put in words, but super easy once you do it! It does take longer on Fridays, but it so beneficial to the kids, so that's what I do.

Everyone has a Spelling Folder

It's where they keep their Personal Word packet and their list of words for the week.

The list of words comes from LAST week's test... what they missed or what they got right. This is actually the pretest... the words they got wrong have the dots and the words they got right are highlighted.  Later on, when they get the words right that have dots next to them, I'll just highlight it to show that they got it right and they can go on to the next one.

I start the year off with giving the pretests... to get everyone at their starting point. Everyone will have a different starting point - some will be at list 3 and some will be at list 6 (depending on your grade, it'll be even higher!)  Here is the pretests I gave one student.  - when she got 5 wrong, I stopped going to the next list. In first grade, you would stop at 3 words. Most likely, there will be more words they got wrong because there are 10 words in each list. But that's okay. I just dot the words they got wrong and highlight the correct ones!

Once they have a starting point established then it's the same routine each week!   I give the 5 core words and 5 mystery words whole group. Then I call them back 5-6 students at a time and give them their personal words; the rest of the test.  That's when we find out their new words for next week! If they get those personal words wrong, then I dot the words on their packet. If they got them correct, then I highlight them. Their new words are the next 3 or 5 words in the list (dot or no dot) that is not highlighted. They keep their folders in their desk all week until Friday when I call them back. A lot of times they will use the list in their folders during centers sometimes.  

So here's the gist of it, routine wise.

Basically, I have here's the breakdown:

Core Words
Mystery Words
Personal Words
-5 words
-whole group
-everyone gets the same words (lists included!)
-students studied
-5 words
-whole group
-everyone gets the same words (lists included!)
-students did NOT 
-5 words different words for everyone (words come from the personal list packet)
-tested in small groups

I have done this "program" in grades 1, 2, and 3! It is such a great way to differentiate. I love using it! It sounds a little confusing, but I promise, if you just get in and do it, it's really very simple!

I have also included a clickable menu of all the skills included to find activities to practice those skills in centers, classwork, or homework!

1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

(as you can tell, I have a love for phonics! ha!)

I also use this along with my {Spelling Journal}! You can read {THIS} post to find out more about it.

Here is a preview what is included in my {1st Grade Version} of the Differentiated Spelling Packet:

I also have a {2nd Grade version!}

I also have a Spelling "program" that is not differentiated, for grades 1-3



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I love your list organizer! Any way you could share it with us? Perhaps editable!

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