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Glad that you were able to join us for the third annual Orange Ya' Glad it's a Blog Hop!
I am the

If you have hopped with us in the past, some things will be familiar, and some things will be new!
This year, all of our bloggers are focusing on free tips or ideas that they can share with you to get your school year off to a great start.  Some ideas will have a freebie, others might just be a stand alone concept.  The idea is to try and share things that will solve problems and create a happy and stress free first few weeks!

Let's get started!

Do you know about Kagan strategies?? I LOVE using Kagan strategies! I'm all about students learning to work together as pairs, teams, and a class! Being able to work together with people is such an important life skill. I mean, even as adults, we need to learn to work together still.

Anyway, one way Kagan likes to organize his teams is by giving them a number and letter. That way you always have an A/B combo for partners and you can say "Person A goes first" or Person B. And the numbers are for different team jobs. 

I actually rotate desks every Friday, like in a circle. So everyone become a new number/letter (and it's a secret way for me to get them to clean out their desks). THEN, every 4th week, I actually move students to a new group. That way they get to make new friends, learn to work with different kids, and they aren't too comfortable with their teammates...which can cause too much converstaions sometimes...if you know what I mean.

If you want them, you can go to {THIS} post to download the desk labels and read more about them!

But make sure you come back to this hop!!

We will be having an Instagram giveaway again!  At the bottom of each post, there will be a letter. 

 The letters all work together to give you the name of a type of orange!  This year is a bit tricky...it's a two word name!  **Hint: Starting on my blog and going through will give you the right answer!** 

Once you've solved the puzzle...take a picture of the answer.  
Post it on instagram and hashtag it with #orangehop2015.  We love original ideas...so, do something fun with your image!

This was last year's hop...

We will go through the pictures and select a winner!
Next up, a blogger Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure!

Make sure you hit all of us to get the clues!


Unknown said...

We use Kagan in our room too! :0) Your labels are so pretty! :) Thanks for sharing these with us all! :) I can't wait to try them out in my room! ;)

Mrs. Wathen said...

I love Kagan strategies! Our favorite is Quiz, Quiz, Trade!! I actually never labeled my desks, so this post is a great motivator:) Thanks for the reminder and the labels.

Jess said...

I use Kagan strategies in my room as well. I think my favorite is Quiz, Quiz, Trade or Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up. I frequently use partner and group work. I loved going to the training a few years ago. I also have used your labels before and can't wait to use them again this year. :) I like that you switch your kids up often. I switch mine every marking period but it might be better every 6 weeks.
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