Math Centers for the First Week

So, last week, I introduced math centers. I run math centers a lot like I run Reading centers (you can read about my reading centers on {THIS} post). I use the screen to tell them where to go, BUT, I don't use a menu for math centers, so I use a different method for them to know if they've been to that center. I have these math center cover sheets that I have taped to the tops of the boxes. They are laminated and when kids do that center, I take a sharpie and cross off their names. (You know you can take off Sharpie with a dry erase marker, right!?). That way when they go to choose which center they want to do, they can look at the cover sheet to see if their name is crossed off. If it is, then to the next center the go!

Inside the box, I keep everything they will need to do that center. For this one, they'll need die and counters...or chips as some of my kids like to call them.

So what did we do for our first week of math centers?? Well, I wanted my kids to be able to do these with NO problems. Math is tricky, but you can still do math centers! I have math centers for every month in my store you can check out {HERE} but for the first week of centers, I wanted some Kindergarten review skills first. 

My teammate showed me one of activities she does and when I searched for it, I found TONS of great free activities on the post! Check it out {HERE}.

This is "Shape Fill In" where they practice dot recognition.

Number Bingo

Dot and number recognition

Kindergarten Yahtzee

and this {Bump Game} we do ALL year long, but the "board" changes with the season. Denise has them for every season!

If you want the math center cover sheets, click the picture below!

OR you can get the one with student numbers on it, which is what I have changed to doing, just because we have students who move away and some that always come! This was easier for me to not have to worry about when that happens. Click the picture to get those too.


Unknown said...

OMG! I have been trying unsuccessfully to do something like this! I love that you got it right! Thank you thank you thank you! Is there any way I could get this for LA as well? thanks so much again! Amy

Anonymous said...

LOVE your idea of crossing off their names if they have completed a center! Such an easy system for young children to learn and do. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. I have been wanting to this for years.

Anonymous said...

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isaacball said...

Nice work.

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