Classroom Pictures 2015-16

Well, my room is pretty much ready for my kids to come on Wednesday.  Not much is different from last year. You can see last year's post by click on the picture below.

I didn't change too much because, well...I really love it still! Plus, I just don't have the money to keep changing it every year. Seriously. ha!

So here's this year's version.

My bulletin board outside my door. I just love Weather Bear! I change their clothes to match the seasons. I love them. They're cute. 

Here's the whole doorway.  I love having a room on the inside of a building because I can actually make the outside of the classroom inviting! As much as I want to move to the big building, I will MISS this part of these rooms so much!

My vinyl on the door. So cute! The children come from School Girl Style.

When you walk in, I have a closet right next to the door. I have all my pictures hanging there. My kids love looking at my pictures of my girls and family. I also have a cut outs of me and my husband that Autumn drew. 

My back to school bulletin board on the back wall. It's my seasonal board.

My guided reading table.

I have big plans for this "board." I'm pretty excited about it!

And then my vocabulary board. This is just going to be a growing board of vocabulary words. I'm just going to add our words throughout the year.

Group shelves...for table groups and center groups.

Front board. I have a math board and my {calendar/weather board.}
and my {"How Many Days" with Ten Frames} next to that...
I also vinyl'd "Today's Date is" on the board.

All of my fictional books, organized by authors.

My non-fiction books and Reading Buddies Bin (also vinyl'd)

My monthly CENTER bins are behind my desk.

And my monthly teaching/themes bins are on top of my cabinets.

My information board behind my desk.
(with more family pictures)

My student computers...

and then the door again. I just took you around in a circle of my room.

Hope you enjoyed that tour!! It's seriously one of my favorite places to be. And a lot cleaner than my house! ha!

Here is where some of my stuff comes from in my room.


Neat and Modified Alternatives said...

Your room looks fantastic! Lucky kiddos!

Anonymous said...

You're so organized! Have a great year!

Tchur8 said...

So organized, eye appealing, and inviting! Love, love, love it!!!

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