Getting Ready for April!

I'm sitting in my living room with books all around me...books that I own, and books that I'm borrowed from the library. I usually empty out the public library's I do this as "research" to see if I really want to buy the books, or if the books are too expensive for me to buy. ha! But I decided that I should start showing y'all some of the books that I like to use during each month. This is also for a few, so I can remember year to year which books I used and borrowed from the library to get again (lol), but also because I'm sure there are other people out there like me that LOVE to showcase books in their room for each theme that they do. AND because I'm always looking for more books to add to my collection, I'm going to make them linkies! So PLEASE, link up and aid in my (and others') book addiction!

Bees are one of my favorite subjects...They are so amazing too me!

I have a fun idea I hope to do with ants this month, so I've been collecting some ant books!

Here are some of the Earth Day books I'm going to be using...
There are literally TONS of books about Spring, but here are a few for you to check out...

I'll be back later this week to show you some of the fun activities I have planned.  Go ahead and link up your blogposts! I can't wait to see all the new books I need to get!

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unknown said...

In this post, I'm gearing up for April! I'm surrounded by books, both my own and library loans. I confess to sometimes clearing out library shelves for "research" – a fun way to decide if a book deserves a permanent spot on my shelf (or if it's a bit too pricey). I'm starting a new series, sharing the books I use each month. It'll help me remember my favorites and library finds year after year, and hopefully inspire others who love to decorate with thematic books. Plus, as a total book addict, I'm always on the hunt for new OxEssays reviews reads, so consider this an open invitation to share your favorites in the comments!

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