Book Blessings and chalkboard labels

Ok...I was commenting on a post, when my next teaching idea came to me.

I like to do something in my class each week...all week long.

Book Blessings.

They're not quite a book report, but it kind of gets them in the groove of it for later in their life...

What I have the kids do is sign up for a day of the week - I do Tuesday through Friday, because well...some of my kids have weird living arrangements and their weekends aren't all that consistent. So I like to remind them on Monday. They sign up on Friday, of the week before. I usually try to have the same amount of kids for each day.

Now, inevitably, you are going to have kids that are NOT ready on their day. Which, of course, ruins my whole "same number of kids each day to take the same amount of time each day" thought process....Sigh.... Oh well, just move them to another day.

You can have them focus on whatever you want. But for a long while, just to get them used to it, I just have them focus on why they liked the book: their favorite part, or illustration, or favorite line, or character. Whatever. Just so it's an advertisement to the rest of the class to get them to read more too! It's really just a 30 second blurb about the book.

Below is my sign up sheet - I use a "number" system, where every child has a number, and they just write their number in the day they want to sign up for. I'm not supposed to have more than 18 kids, but I broke it down to where we could have 5 kids each day.

Click the pic to grab a copy :)

Now, it might take some pulling teeth in the beginning, but eventually, I have kids that start asking if they can share their book even if they've already shared for the week, just because they want to tell everyone to go read the book! :)

Now, here's my craft I did the other day - 

Chalkboard Labels!!

This literally took me 2 minutes to do!!

All I used was the mailing label stickers, chalkboard paint (that I already had on hand), and the foam sponge paint brushes.

I painted the labels, let them dry, then I cut them all cutsie, and put them on my flour and sugar containers!

Now, the trick to chalkboard paint is that before you start writing with it, to scribble all over the surface with chalk, then wipe it off, and THEN you can write on it easily. :)

My Book Blessing
And go check out my book blessing (hehe) over at The Best Ending - click the picture of the book!

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Holly said...

Hey Chicklet,
I am SO using the Book Blessing sign up for March is Reading Month. What an awesome way to get the kids excited about reading. Thanks!!!! Thank for typing up all that stuff for me...that was so sweet of you, helpful too!


Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Barbara said...

Book blessings . . .I LOVE it! We've just launched our Rocket Reader program for our firsties and they set a goal for how many books they're going to read and sign a contract and do these cool little summary/book reports. Stars go onto a bulletin board as they complete their reports and fly toward their goals - it's great fun!

The Corner On Character

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

I had heard about book blessings at a PD but have never seen it in such a kid friendly way! :)
Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Stories From Second

Miss Squirrels said...

I love those labels!
I have a chalkboard- coffee decoration-thingy on the wall by the phone and I won't let anyone write on it!!! I don't want them to mess it up!! {can I get a magaZine rack for my "issues"?}

Going Nutty!

Jill said...

I love this idea! My school probably would too... since it's called "blessings." I don't think my classroom is Catholic school-y enough............

Thanks for sharing!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

~Stephanie said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing the freebie and idea. :)

Teaching in Room 6

Michelle Griffo said...

I am obsessed with chalkboard labels!!! Cute idea!

Apples and ABC's

Miss Foote said...

Oh I love doing this. Need to get back to making it consistent. We call them book talks. Sometimes I even use book trailer videos from Scholastic.

Chickadee Jubilee

Erika said...

I love the chalkboard labels and all the recipe ideas you've been sharing. Thank you!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Debbiekwuk said...

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